Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 224

Chapter 224: Stingy For That 100 4
Chapter 224: Stingy for That 100 (4)
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Out of curiosity, Song Qingchun pulled it up to her eyes. Her expression froze when she read the content. It was a receipt for highway tolls. It recorded clearly the time when the owner had passed through the toll.

Su Zhinian said he was near the northern side of town when he called, right? So why would the receipt say he departed from the southern part of Beijing?

Song Qingchun clicked on the call records in her phone. The time Su Zhinian called her was about ten minutes before this receipt was issued. In other words, he had only departed from the city after receiving her call?

Song Qingchun stared unblinkingly at the paper in her grasp. Her eyes were still, but her heart was roiling with emotions.

So he hadn't been really geographically close to her when he called and purposely came to fetch her?

In fact, getting from where he was to her earlier location in the mountains, even if one was driving at the maximum speed, it would take at least four hours, but he had only spent slightly over one hour. Therefore, he had been breaking the speed limit throughout his entire journey?

Song Qingchun was reminded of the sudden brake she had heard on the phone from before. From the serenity in his voice, she was lulled into a false comfort that everything was fine. Thinking back, she realized how dangerous it must have been!

Song Qingchun's fingers that held the paper started to shake.

Actually, it couldn't be said that he treated her nicely. His tone toward her was usually cold and unfeeling. He had done the worst to trample on her honor and heart during that unfortunate night so many years. Even after they reconvened, he had used every method available to shame and humiliate her. Therefore, in her heart, she had the impression that he hated her, just like how she hated him.

Therefore, the things that happened that night truly unsettled her

Song Qingchun's heart started to panic.

The car door was suddenly pulled open, and Song Qingchun was forced to come to terms with reality quickly. She slipped the paper into her palm quietly and turned her head around to look at Su Zhinian.

The man's cold gaze scanned her face, and he asked in his usual toneless manner, "Not going to sleep anymore?"

Song Qingchun nodded wordlessly.

Su Zhinian restarted the car and returned to the highway. With the content of the paper crowding her mind, Song Qingchun finally couldn't hold it in anymore. She asked, "Where were you when you called me?"

Su Zhinian looked straight ahead on the road and answered calmly, "Yang Lin Golf Course."

Su Zhinian turned the steering wheel to switch into another lane to bypass a truck. Then he added, "CEO Zhang from Lu Yang invited me to join him for a game of golf this afternoon, so I was already out of the city, and his golf course is at the northern countryside."

Song Qingchun answered with an "Oh."

However, internally, she grumbled, You liar, you were still inside the city when you called! Liar! Liar Su!

After that, Song Qingchun calmed down, and a frown formed between her brows. But why would he lie to me about this?

Song Qingchun studied Su Zhinian through the rear-view mirror. The street lights bordering the highway on both sides framed his strong jawline and carved features in a dreamy glow.

However, she also noticed a trace of tiredness on his face, and that was probably from hours of long-distance driving.