Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 228

Chapter 228: Stingy For That 100 8
Chapter 228: Stingy for That 100 (8)
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She also hadn't expected that Su Zhinian, who she had always associated with cruelty and ruthlessness, would bring warmth to her frozen heart.

Qin Yinan, who she thought would give her the world, was not as good as she thought, while Su Zhinian, who she thought the worst of, was a much better person than she gave him credit for. In fact, he treated her better than Qin Yinan ever had that day.

Even though Su Zhinian's eyes were closed and looked like he was asleep, his mind was actually wide awake. Through her fingers on his shoulders and neck, he was reading her mind.

When he read the latest thought that she had, his palm that had curled into fists started to shake slightly.

This was probably the first time in his life where he had beaten Qin Yinan in her heart.

Due to the comparison between the two, Song Qingchun was inevitably reminded of the scene when she called Qin Yinan and her heart fell.

Who would have thought that her pursuit of Qin Yinan, which had lasted for years, would end in such a manner? It fizzled out before she could even confess her love.

So, her confession failed, and Qin Yinan ended up with Tang Nuan? It does sound like she is ready to give up for real this time.

Su Zhinian, who had been a walking landmine the whole day, couldn't help but smile when he read this thought. His smile was faint, but it still fell into Song Qingchun's eyes.

After a short moment's daze, her own lips curved into a light smile, and she grumbled with some dissatisfaction internally, What's with him, I'm nursing a broken heart here, and he's smiling? Is he even human?

Even though she was complaining internally, Song Qingchun did not realize her gaze that fell on Su Zhinian had become incredibly gentle and tender.

He does look handsome when he smiles, like a shaft of sunlight breaking through the wintry fog. If he smiled more often, he would definitely have more female pursuers.

Thinking about that, Song Qingchun's lips curled up even higher.

Worried that she might get too tired, Su Zhinian had Song Qingchun stop after a while.

Soon after that, the room service arrived with the food. Song Qingchun was so hungry that she collapsed on the coffee table and started wolfing down the food.

Su Zhinian leaned on the sofa, watching her eat through her reflection on the floor-length window; his gaze was as soft as water.

Song Qingchun, after finishing her meal, stretched in satisfaction before walking into the bathroom to prepare a bath.

As she pushed the bathroom door open, she realized she didn't have a change of clothes with her.

But not changing the undergarments after shower is so uncomfortable. Song Qingchun bit her lips and remembered the hotel seemed to come attached with a convenience store. Song Qingchun ran to the bedroom's study table and ransacked the place to look for the store's guide. After finding it, she noticed they did sell disposable lingerie.

Song Qingchun pulled out her coat from the closet, and when she was going to step out of the room, she remembered that she hadn't brought her purse with her in her hurry to leave the Song family that afternoon.

Her footsteps stopped. She searched all over her body and managed to scrunch up a bunch of small change; the biggest note she had was 20 RMB.

Song Qingchun tossed all the money on the bed and flattened them out before stacking them up. The stack looked quite thick, but after a quick calculation, there was only 65 RMB.