Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 229

Chapter 229: Stingy For That 100 9
Chapter 229: Stingy for That 100 (9)
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"This is such a black market. Normally, they sell a set of disposable lingerie for at most 20 RMB at the mall; this hotel's store sells them for 88 RMB"

Song Qingchun grumbled, fingering the stack of money in her hands. Then she ran through the rest of the items on the store guide, and her mouth never stopped moving. "Merchants are all evil; entrepreneurs are all vampires"

Song Qingchun's complaints, for some reason, burned even Su Zhinian. "And that Maniac Su, even though we have that contractual relationship for me to take care of his living arrangements, it makes no sense that I have to pay even for his food and everyday items

"I've stayed at his place for almost two months already, and those daily cooking ingredients add up. Hell, even those everyday items like toiletries are such a money sink. Furthermore, Maniac Su will only use certain high-end brands, and of course, their prices are just ridiculous."

Song Qingchun, who was raised in a relatively wealthy family, didn't have the habit of bookkeeping. Since she was on a roll, she decided to do some math of her recent expenditure, and she was shocked. "F*ck me, around eighty percent of my salary has been spent on Maniac Su?

"No wonder, I've been wondering why my life has become so uncomfortable recently? Now I know, just think about it, before this, I can spend half of my salary to pamper myself by buying clothes, bags, shoes, and make-up. Now the money that was meant for myself has to be spent on Maniac Su! No wonder life has been such a bore recently!

"He is a multi-millionaire with multiple companies under his name, and he still wants to take advantage of my hard-earned salary? The man is the devil incarnate! I've done my best every day to serve him. I'm practically the best maid he has ever had, and he wouldn't even pay me a hundred RMB"

Song Qingchun, caught in the drama of the moment, even moved to wipe away her fake tears and sighed deeply. "So be it, since I can't afford the disposable lingerie, I'll just settle for some padding. I can turn the undergarment inside out and with some clean pads, that should last me until tomorrow"

Song Qingchun put on her coat and pulled the bedroom door open. When she passed Su Zhinian, who was sitting in the living room, the man opened his eyes and asked, "Where are you going?"

Song Qingchun stopped and said, "I need to go buy some stuff from the downstairs convenience store."

"Perfect, buy something for me if you're going down." Su Zhinian stood up and walked to stand before Song Qingchun. He then pulled out a hundred note from his wallet and handed over to her.

"Mr. Su, what do you need?" Song Qingchun asked as she reached for the note. When her finger brushed against his, the man saw the plan that was forming in her mind. Perfect indeed, he wants me to buy something for him. Perhaps I'll have enough leftover change to buy a set of disposable lingerie!

"Get me a copy of the evening newspaper," Su Zhinian replied softly. His finger was still touching hers, so he was given a glimpse into her next thought, But what if he wants me to buy something expensive and I can't make up the 88 RMB I need? This man is also another thing; his wallet is so thick, but he only gives me one paper note? Stingy! He tipped the room service but not me? One-star review!

As Song Qingchun thought so, she heard the term 'evening paper'.

Yes, the evening paper only costs one RMB, meaning I will have 99 RMB left. Even after buying that set of disposable lingerie, I can even treat myself to a small cup of ice-cream! Then again, would he be so stingy as to ask for all the change back?