Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Her Love Has Returned 3
Chapter 23: Her Love Has Returned (3)
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Su Zhinian stared at the document's cover for a long while before flinging it back on the table. He then stood up, paused for a second, before striding out of the study and toward his bedroom. Su Zhinian pushed open the door as gently as he could and stepped into the room.

Song Qingchun was deeply asleep in his bed. Probably due to the earlier cold, even though she was snuggled under the comfortable layers of his mattress, her lips still had a purple hue to them. The heater in the room was set on high. She even tossed part of the quilt open to disperse the heat.

Su Zhinian walked to the bedside to readjust the quilt, and then he stood there quietly studying her face. She had exquisite features, long brows and high nose, similar to how he remembered in his memory. Su Zhinian studied Song Qingchun for a long time before turning around to leave.

The day after was Saturday, Auntie Sun's off day. Last night, Auntie Sun had returned to her own home.

When Su Zhinian woke up, Song Qingchun was still asleep. When he was washing his face, the shock of pain as his right hand touched the water reminded him of his injury. He redressed the bandage on his hand before leaving home with his keys.

When he returned, it was already one hour later. After he parked, he snagged the breakfast on the passenger seat and descended from his car.

He keyed in his password, pushed open the door, and when he was changing out of his shoes while juggling the packs of breakfast, he heard the sound of conversations from upstairs.

His mind blanked for moment, and after listening in for a while, he understood Song Qingchun was on the phone. Su Zhinian, despite of his incredibly good hearing, was not a creep who could eavesdrop on people's conversation. He turned his attention away to focus on removing his shoes.

As he walked into the living room, he caught the words "Brother Yinan" from Song Qingchun's mouth.

Brother Yinan, this was a name that Su Zhinian was utterly familiar with.

There could only be one Brother Yinan in Song Qingchun's lexicon and that person was Qin Yinan.

Su Zhinian stopped moving and his hands that gripped the packs of breakfast became unconsciously tighter.

"Brother Yinan, are you really leaving the troops and coming back to Beijing? This is wonderful news, when will you arrive? I will go fetch you The third of next month? You want to treat me to dinner and give me present because it is my birthday on the eighth next month"

Derision flashed across Su Zhinian's eyes and he suddenly turned to storm out of the door. He did not even change out of his slipper and made a beeline at the door. There was like a fire burning in his chest and he slammed the door heavily behind him and half-ran toward the bungalow's gate.

Su Zhinian only stopped when he reached the trashcan opposite from the gate. He then shoved the breakfast that he lined up for half an hour to purchase down the trashcan without batting an eye.

After hanging up, Song Qingchun's mood was the best it had been in recent times. The words Qin Yinan told her on the phone crowded her mind. Song Song, I am coming back to Beijing.

I am coming back to Beijing They were only a few simple words, but that was enough to brighten Song Qingchun's day. It made her want to hop all over the room, laughing to herself.

This was probably the only good news she had received after Song Cheng's suicide. Song Qingchun could not suppress the smile that threaten to surface, and she sighed blissfully. "Brother Yinan is finally coming home"

While she was still lost in her euphoria, the bedroom was shoved open from the outside. Song Qingchun clammed up subconsciously and turned to look at the door.

Su Zhinian seemed to fill up the door with his regal presence as his freezing cold eyes glared at her. "If you're up, then get out!"