Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 230

Chapter 230: What Is Youth Without Passion? 1
Chapter 230: What Is Youth Without Passion? (1)
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Even though those were Song Qingchun's real thoughts, she put on the air of generosity and shook her head at Su Zhinian, adding, "The evening paper only costs 1 RMB; that's too much! I'll just pay for it!"

Of course, Su Zhinian didn't really need to read the evening paper. It was just that he had heard Song Qingchun grumbling about money in the bedroom, and he was using this as a front to give her some.

Who knew his kindness would be distorted by the girl? She mocked him for his stinginess, assuming he would ask for the full change in return!

Su Zhinian stared quietly at Song Qingchun, who pretended like she didn't need the money even though her fingers were still reaching for it. Just as Song Qingchun was going to pull the note away, his fingers tightened as he pulled the note back from her grasp. He slipped it back into his wallet and pulled out a coin to place into Song Qingchun's palm, together with an especially polite "Thank you."

Song Qingchun stared at the one RMB coin in her palm, and her eyes widened greatly. Her expression changed several times in the span of that half a minute. Finally, she forced out a smile that was somehow more melancholic than a crying face and said, "Mr. Su, it's just one RMB; there's no need"

Song Qingchun then returned the coin to Su Zhinian.

The man didn't give her the chance to do that as he turned and walked away. He planted himself back on the sofa.

Song Qingchun stood there with the coin in her palm before she gradually recovered. She told Su Zhinian, "Well, I'll be leaving."

Then she left the room with a sour expression.

The moment the door closed, Su Zhinian could hear clearly Song Qingchun's voice drifted from the corridor. She was truly laying into him.

"Who can tell what in the God's name this is? One RMB? Maniac Su thought I'm some beggar who needs his charity?

"So, he is not only stingy but also miserly! Very stingy and very miserly! One RMB, a multi-millionaire and he gave one RMB For shame!

"It's official, my night is ruined, and here I thought I could buy myself a cup of Haagen Danz ice cream!

"Stingy! Too stingy! One RMB, one RMB? Su Zhinian, you should just be called One RMB Su from now on! One RMB Su! One RMB Su!"

Su Zhinian leaned back in the sofa, listening to Song Qingchun's mocking, reminiscing about the assortment of expressions on Song Qingchun's face as he returned the 100 RMB note to his wallet in exchange for the coin. It went from shock to disbelief, from disbelief to anger, then to sadness and many more. His lips curved into an attractive smile, and before he knew it, a series of chuckles escaped his mouth.

Su Zhinian had showered by the time Song Qingchun returned with a bag of padding and the evening paper. He was wrapped in a bathrobe, watching the television with his hair half-dried.

Song Qingchun was still nursing her grief, but her tone toward Su Zhinian was as deferential as ever. "Mr. Su, your evening paper."

"Hmm." Su Zhinian did not take his gaze off the television screen. His hand that held the remote pointed at the coffee table, signaling for Song Qingchun to put the stuff there.

Song Qingchun put the newspaper down obediently and said, "If there's nothing else, I have to use the bathroom."

Su Zhinian nodded. Just as Song Qingchun turned around, he suddenly called out, "Wait."

Song Qingchun turned around with a frown and saw Su Zhinian pass her a plastic bag.