Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 234

Chapter 234: What Is Youth Without Passion? 5
Chapter 234: What Is Youth Without Passion? (5)
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That was because, in the dream, those cries were a manifestation of his years of pain and love, exhibiting them practically drained him all of the energy he had in his body.

This dream would recur occasionally and had started when they parted ways five years ago. Since she had moved into his house, the last time he had dreamed that nightmare was two months prior, so he was quite surprised himself that it had happened that night.

The pain that caught his breath in his dream still lingered, making his hands that gripped the corner of the marble sink go that much harder.

The moment Song Qingchun heard the door to the bathroom open, she sprung up from the sofa to look at Su Zhinian.

The man had washed his face, and the two tendrils of hair framing his forehead were still dripping with water. The droplets of water slid down his strong jawline, caressing it softly.

Su Zhinian was obviously surprised that Song Qingchun was still in the living room because she noticed the shock in his eyes when he said, "Why didn't you go back to bed?"

Then, Su Zhinian took a detour to the mini bar to pull out a bottle of red wine. He uncorked it and reached for a wine glass from the cupboard.

"I can't sleep" After she answered, Song Qingchun saw Su Zhinian starting the pour the wine, her brows furrowed as she asked, "You're still going to drink when it's already so late?"

This was his habit formed from years ago. Whenever he dreamed about her, he needed to have some alcohol in him to take the sense of pain away, to dull the raging emotions in his heart.

Su Zhinian replied with a nasally "hmm" before his movement stopped. He had promised her he would never drink again because it was due to alcohol that he had taken advantage of her twice.

He could hold his alcohol, but

For the sake of insurance, Su Zhinian put the bottle away and returned to the sofa empty-handed. He sat down gracefully, leaned back, and closed his eyes wordlessly. He timed his breathing to try to calm his roiling emotions.

Why did he leave the glass at the bar?

Song Qingchun looked at Su Zhinian and the half-filled, untouched glass of wine with confusion. Her gaze alternated between the two before she remembered the promise he had made her.

He'd said he would not touch another drop of alcohol again So, this was him telling her he was a man of his words?

He needed the wine to wash away the pain from his dream? The amount of wine he poured wouldn't be able to make anyone drunk, so this gesture is purely for my sake? Just like how he volunteered to leave this hotel and then later sleep alone in the living room?

The floor lamp's light fell on Su Zhinian's face, its harsh white light casting a fuzzy glow over his features.

Song Qingchun stared at him for a while before saying, "Are you sleepy?"

Su Zhinian opened his eyes to look at her.

Song Qingchun added, "I'm unable to fall asleep, probably because there's something bothering me. If you not feeling sleepy, do you mind if we talk?"

A trace of overwhelming surprise flashed through the bottom of Su Zhinian's eyes. After a pause, he replied calmly, "Sure."

Song Qingchun smiled, but instead of sitting down, she walked to the mini bar to grab the bottle of red wine Su Zhinian had opened and the half full wine glass. She also retrieved another empty wine glass and placed it all on the coffee table.