Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 235

Chapter 235: What Is Youth Without Passion? 6
Chapter 235: What Is Youth Without Passion? (6)
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Song Qingchun squatted down beside the coffee table to fill up both glasses. Then she pushed one toward Su Zhinian. "Chatting alone is no fun, how about some wine to go with it. You don't mind right?"

Su Zhinian frowned, staring at the red liquid before him. It was after a while that he slowly shook his head. Song Qingchun raised her glass at Su Zhinian. "Cheers. Thank you for coming to fetch me today."

Song Qingchun then downed half of the glass before placing the glass back on the table. Then she stared at Su Zhinian, her dark pupils asking, Aren't you going to accept my thanks?

After some hesitation, Su Zhinian raised the glass to his lips and pretended to take a small sip. He cleared his throat and asked, even though he already knew the answer, "Why did you suddenly decide to come to this part of town by the way?"

He knew she was there to look for Qin Yinan, but she didn't know that he knew. She said she wanted to talk, so he played along.

Talking of this made Song Qingchun's face drop. She raised the glass and tipped some wine into her mouth before sighing despondently. "I came to look for Brother Yinan."

"What's so important that you have to come so far to find him?" He also knew it was because she was going to confess to Qin Yinan.

"Yes, there was something important, something very important." Song Cheng was quite possibly murdered, how is that not important?

Su Zhinian bowed his head to hide the sadness in his eyes. So, the confession is indeed something very important to her.

Su Zhinian did not know how to continue the conversation, so he just let it hang. Song Qingchun also went silent, thinking about Song Cheng. She looked out the window, and tears started to prick her eyes.

Noticing the tense atmosphere, Su Zhinian swirled the wine glass twice before trying to change the subject. Suddenly, Song Qingchun, who sat to his left, grabbed her wine glass that was left on the table earlier and finished it in one gulp without batting an eye.

She placed the glass down heavily, and the eyes that looked at him started to mist.

People say when you're sad, you'll feel better if you talk it out with a friend.

Song Qingchun knew her relationship with Su Zhinian couldn't really be considered friends, but she desperately needed someone she could talk to.

No one knew how much torment her heart had gone through that day. She felt alone and helpless; she just wanted to find someone to share it with, but the person who she wished to discuss this with wasn't available. So, she had held it in until finally, at the moment, the dam broke.

"I" Song Qingchun managed to squeeze out a word before shutting up. As if struggling internally, she finally continued as if having made a great decision. "Do you know why I came to look for Brother Yinan today?"

Su Zhinian did not answer, but his fingers that held the wine glass were twitching with anger. He knew she was going to tell him about her failed confession next.

Song Qingchun knew he wasn't the person she wanted to talk to if she asked her heart's honest opinion, but beggars can't be choosers. She felt abandoned by the whole world, and since he was willing to lend her an ear, why not?