Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 236

Chapter 236: What Is Youth Without Passion? 7
Chapter 236: What Is Youth Without Passion? (7)
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Perhaps it was the loneliness of the night or the wine talking, but Song Qingchun felt vulnerable and needed someone to vent with. However, before she even spoke, her eyes started to get wet. "It was because of my brother, Song Cheng; he was murdered and did not commit suicide like we thought."

Such a twist, even spoken in Song Qingchun's light tone, stunned Su Zhinian. His hand shook, and the red liquid in the glass splashed out, staining the back of his palm.

Su Zhinian quickly put the glass down and pulled a napkin to dab at the spilled wine. He tried his best to calm himself, and facing her teary eyes, he asked with obvious disbelief, "What did you say?"

"I said, my brother did not commit suicide" Song Qingchun repeated as she grabbed the wine bottle to pour herself another glass. As the tears flowed down her face, she added, as if worried that Su Zhinian did not understand her meaning, "To put it simply, my brother, he was murdered!"

Therefore, the very important thing she went to Qin Yinan was not the confession but about Song Cheng?

As the jealousy in his heart died down, it was replaced by the bombshell she had just dropped. Even though Su Zhinian had cultivated a strong heart from the years of hardships, he was still quite dazed from this news Song Qingchun just given him. Even his tone was shaking slightly when he asked, "How did you know that?"

"It's his will" Song Qingchun downed another glass of wine like she was drinking water. Then she wiped away her tears, stood up, and went into the bedroom. One minute later, she came out with a piece of paper in her hand. She sat back down in her earlier position and spread the piece of paper before Su Zhinian. Pointing at the 'Qingchun' written by 'Song Cheng', she exclaimed, "Look, the character Qingchun is written correctly, something Song Cheng would never do in his life. Therefore, this will wasn't written by him; it was mimicked by someone else!"

Su Zhinian studied the will cautiously and realized every 'Qingchun' was written in the correct way.

He had stayed at the Song family for almost a year. Even though they weren't close, he knew Song Cheng had the habit of miswriting Song Qingchun's name.

On the surface, this will did look like Song Cheng's personal writing, but after Song Qingchun pointed out the mistake, other suspicious details started to surface.

Song Qingchun was right. This final note by Song Cheng was too suspicious and so was his death!

Perhaps it was the wine coursing through her body, but Song Qingchun felt quite relaxed, reclining lazily on the sofa. She reminisced about her shared past with Song Cheng, and the waterworks began anew. "I was truly shocked when I discovered this. The Song family has never been anyone's enemy, so why would someone go for Song Cheng's life?

"My first instinct was to go look for Father, but he's not feeling so well; I'm afraid he wouldn't be able to survive this news, so the next name that came to mind was Brother Yinan

"Other than Father and Song Cheng, Brother Yinan was truly the only person I can think of who I can rely on in this world."