Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 237

Chapter 237: What Is Youth Without Passion? 8
Chapter 237: What Is Youth Without Passion? (8)
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When a woman was at her most helpless, while the first person who came to mind might not be her most loved one, they would definitely be the most important person to her.

In Song Qingchun's case, Qin Yinan was her most loved one and the most important person in her life. That man dominated every part of her heart.

He, on the other hand, did not wish for her love or even affection; the only wish he had was that she would think about him when she was at her lowest. Even so, that smallest of wishes was an extravagant hope.

The matters of her heart would always be his pain.

At this moment, she needed to be heard, so no matter how much it pained him, he would assume the role of a listener faithfully. Su Zhinian did not say anything to disturb Song Qingchun; he even passed her the paper napkin wordlessly. Song Qingchun accepted it. "Thank you."

She used her to wipe her face and took another gulp of wine before continuing. "Do you know? Brother Yinan has always been there for me ever since I was a little child. He would be the first to stand and fight for me whenever I was bullied in kindergarten. He was the first to find me when I was lost. Whenever Song Cheng refused to allow me to tag along, Brother Yinan would be the first to come comfort me when I cried. He even said he would compensate for Song Cheng, and I really believed him; I believed he would even take care of me for life.

"So, when I found out Song Cheng didn't die from suicide, the first thing I did, after recovering slightly from the shock, was rush toward the northern side of town. I did call Brother Yinan along the way, but no one answered.

"When I arrived, Brother Yinan had already left for the city. The signal in the mountains was not good; I couldn't make any outgoing calls, so I rushed back to the city. Who knew the car would die on me, halfway back? After walking for a long distance, I finally found a spot that could receive some signal. When the call to Brother Yinan was picked up, I really felt it was a ray of light shining through the layers of dark clouds, but"

When she reached this point, Song Qingchun was reminded of the scene that had happened when her call to Qin Yinan was picked up, and her eyes started to water again. However, her lips were forcefully turned up into a smile. She explained the situation between Tang Nuan and Qin Yinan in broad stroke. "He was with Tang Nuan. It was then that I realized how I've been lying to myself over the years. For Qin Yinan, I am never the person he wanted to look after; it was my fault for overthinking his promise and blowing it out of proportion. I shouldn't have thought he would really take care of me in Song Cheng's stead, much less for as long as forever"

This was the truth she had been unwilling to face over the years. If Qin Yinan truly cared about her when he saw her phone call history on his phone, even if it was accepted by Tang Nuan, he would have called back to check.

So, it was truly time for her to wake up, but no one else would know how painful this realization was.

After all, he had once been everything to her, giving up on him was no different from getting a part of her torn out of her.

"To be honest, when you called tonight to ask where I was, it was at my most despairing moment, so I am deeply thankful for you. If not for that, I really can't imagine what would have happened to me then." Song Qingchun downed the remaining glass of wine with a smile lighting up her face. She had laid herself open, pouring her troubles and fears into him, but the man who was looking at her patiently was like a bottomless pit, always hungry for more.