Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Her Love Has Returned 4
Chapter 24: Her Love Has Returned (4)
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Song Qingchun stared at Su Zhinian, who from her perspective had materialized out of thin air. She was however quickly jolted out of her shock by the sharp tone employed by Su Zhinian. The hint of a smile that hung on her face due to the call from Qin Yinan disappeared as if wiped off. She quickly glanced around at her surroundings and realized it was Su Zhinian's room. Then, the situation from last night slowly came back to her, like how she waited for him to eventually show up and how she fainted from extreme period pain before she could plead her case.

So it was him who brought her home last night?

Song Qingchun knew Su Zhinian still hated her. After all, he literally just told her to get out of his house, but she finally got a private moment with him and she could not waste it. She had no choice but to continue to fight for the sake of Song Empire.

Song Qingchun knew Su Zhinian was a man of little patience. She was afraid he would drag her out like the first time she visited his home, so she quickly jumped off his bed and searched for a letter from her bag. She walked towards Su Zhinian and presented it to him. "This is the cheque for 20,000,000 RMB. It is everything Song Empire has to offer at this moment, so please reconsider"

"I do not have time for your daydreams. If you do not understand what I told you before, then I will repeat myself clearly one more time, I will never take over Song Empire!" Su Zhinian interrupted her in a monotonous tone that was laced with finality and edge. "Before I throw you out myself, I will give you one minute to get your things together and disappear from my sight!"

Then, Su Zhinian turned to walk out of the bedroom and into his study, obviously not interested to be in the same space as Song Qingchun.

Song Qingchun rushed after him and asked, "Please tell me, what will make you want to take over Song Empire?"

Su Zhinian did not answer but increased his pace. Song Qingchun did not put on any slippers when she jumped off his bed so the small jog across the hardwood floor chafed the balls of her feet. "Name your price, no matter what it is, I will definitely do it."

Su Zhinian acted like he did not even hear her and continued to push open the door to his study. This was the last chance Song Qingchun had; if she could not persuade him that day, the coming Monday would be the day Song Empire disappeared from the face of the Earth.

However, she could not break through to Su Zhinian no matter how hard she tried. She even brought up that night they shared, but it only brought her more heartache

Song Qingchun watched the door of the study slowly close in her face and she blurted out without thinking, "If you worry you will be in my close proximity after you become Song Empire's CEO, do not worry because as long as you promise to save Song Empire, I promise to vanish from your life"

The door suddenly stopped moving. She was finally convincing him?

A seed of hope blossomed in Song Qingchun's heart. She swore to Su Zhinian, "I will avoid the places you go to and I promise to not appear in your sight anymore. If you wish for it, I will even leave Beijing"