Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 240

Chapter 240: From A Moment To An Eternity 1
Chapter 240: From a Moment to an Eternity (1)
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What is youth without passion?

This was the first time Song Qingchun had heard that, and at that moment, she didn't realize it was related to herself. It was not until much later that she realized how nuanced the meaning of that sentence was, more than the literal meaning, he was giving her a hint; alas, it had fallen on deaf ears.

What is Qingchun without Zhinian?

He used a short sentence containing both his name and hers to describe the story between him and Tingting.

However, at the time, she didn't know she was the Tingting on his lips and was completely unaware that there was a person who had been chasing her for almost twenty years.

When she knew everything, she realized, that short sentence also contained the meaning, what would Song Qingchun be without Su Zhinian.

If there was no Su Zhinian, she believed, after that long deep-night conversation between the two of them, the person Song Qingchun would soon have disappeared from the world.

Song Qingchun was stunned when she heard that sentence. She had no idea whether she was startled by the emotions of the sentence itself or the enveloping sadness in Su Zhinian's tone when he said it.

Regardless, she was stunned for a long time until Su Zhinian opened his lips to continue. "This sentence is probably the most appropriate sentence to describe my story with her."

After that, she slowly recovered. She looked at him directly and repeated the sentence many times in her mind before asking, "She was someone you knew in your youth? Then, you started to love her, and until now, you haven't given up on her?"

"That's right." He nodded without hesitation before quickly shaking his head. Song Qingchun was confused by action, but he soon explained himself, "It was not during my youth that I met her; it was when I was eight."

When he was eight? Then they can be considered childhood friends. Could it be that he is just like me? He loves his childhood friend who is unfortunately in love with someone else?

The similarity of their experiences piqued Song Qingchun's interest. A feeling of camaraderie rose in her heart, and she sighed. "So, another story of childhood sweethearts Alas, in the real world, those never end well"

"No, we were not childhood sweethearts." Su Zhinian paused as a layer of sadness glossed over his face. However, he desperately wished that they were.

All these years, he had been wondering, if he had grown up alongside her like Qin Yinan, would he have acquired a place of importance in her heart?

"We only met once when we were both children."

"Once?" Song Qingchun widened her eyes in shock. She then enquired with interest, "And then what happened?"

"Then, I searched her for ten years before I finally found her again."

Su Zhinian's tone was light, like he was talking about someone else's past and not his own, but when the word ten years fell out of his mouth, Song Qingchun felt her heart shake.

Ten years A decade How long that was. A person's life only comprised of a few decades, and he had used about one-tenth of his life to look for another person.