Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 243

Chapter 243: From A Moment To An Eternity 4
Chapter 243: From a Moment to an Eternity (4)
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"If you ask me, when you really love someone, you should tell that person. How else are they going to know your inner feelings?

"Also, listen to me. You are handsome, wealthy, and many girls are in love in you. Perhaps this person you love will reciprocate your love, so you should really try and confess."

Song Qingchun was worried about Su Zhinian, perhaps because she was touched the purity of his love that had lasted for ten years and beyond. She felt his love was bigger than life. In her heart, she really wished that he could end up with this girl by the name of 'Tingting'.

"In this world, there are many romances that don't have the chance to blossom due to that fear of taking the first step

"I remember reading a romance web novel that I hear is based on a true story. The author is Ye Fei Ye, it's titled is 'Bringing the Nation's Husband Home', I believe. The male and female lead were actually in love since middle school, but due to their lack of courage to confess, they missed each other for 13 years

"So, you should really let her know that you have spent so many years looking for her and have spent so many years loving her!"

"That's no longer possible." In contrast to Song Qingchun, Su Zhinian maintained a serenity throughout. The volume of his voice was so much lower than Song Qingchun's, but there was great force behind it; it was so powerful that it silenced Song Qingchun.

After she found her power of speech, she asked, "Why isn't it possible?"

She wanted to give him some encouragement, but everything she wanted to say sounded trivial in her mind, so she didn't. She was too busy consoling him, so she didn't realize she was caught in the same situation.

She knew perfectly well this feeling of being unable to express one's love.

It was not due to the lack of love but the complete opposite; it was because the love was so strong that one didn't have the heart to disturb the other person's happiness. Therefore, could it be that he was in the same situation, the person he loved had found her own happiness, so he had chosen to keep his suffering and love to himself?

Before the thought fully formed in Song Qingchun's mind, Su Zhinian opened his lips to say, "Actually, I did once consider confessing my love to her, but before that could happen, it was destined that my dream will never become a reality."

Will never become a reality, what does he mean this time?

Song Qingchun looked at Su Zhinian, waiting for what he had to say next with bated breath.

Sometimes, he would chew over it multiple times in the most silent hour of the night, and while he thought he had gotten used to living with the pain, when he needed to voice it, he was still surprised by the pain that decimated his heart.

"In this world, I can be together with any woman but her!" Su Zhinian's expressionless face was crawling with sadness, affecting even the atmosphere in the room. He stared at a space before him for a long time before moving his lips to say, "Because I simply cannot love her!"

As if to remind himself, he repeated, in the most serious of tones, "Yes, I simply cannot love her!"

When he finished those few words, it appeared as if his spirit had left his corporeal body. No one could understand the amount of pain his heart was in at that moment. It was not that he refused to love, but he simply couldn't love.

His biggest wish in the world was to be able to openly tell her, Tingting, I love you.