Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 244

Chapter 244: From A Moment To An Eternity 5
Chapter 244: From a Moment to an Eternity (5)
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"Why can't you love her?" That night was like a night of one million whys for Song Qingchun. Su Zhinian didn't reply; that was probably the first time he had chosen to answer her question with silence.

When he was posed the question, he was a picture of insouciance on the surface, and his hands gripped the armrest even tighter. If not for his superhuman self-control, he believed he would have made a fool of himself then.

Song Qingchun noticed Su Zhinian's reluctance to elaborate, so she pouted and reached out to grab the glass of wine that was placed faraway by Su Zhinian earlier. She warmed her throat with the alcohol and found another topic to lighten the mood; however, that topic was still related to Su Zhinian and Tingting. "Then you still love her even though you cannot love her?"

Even though the question sounded contradictory, Su Zhinian understood what Song Qingchun meant. Focus returned to his eyes, and he declared solemnly, "Yes."

He then turned his face around to look her in the eye. She could see the fire burning in him, as he said, "Yes, I do love her. I will continue to love her."

Song Qingchun's heart, for some reason, started to race. He was merely answering her question, so why did she feel he was talking directly to her, as if she was the intended audience?

Song Qingchun felt her face starting to burn. She unconsciously averted her eyes. She was reminded of the fact that she had not seen the trace of any woman in his house for as long as she had stayed there. Perhaps it was her reporter instinct kicking in, she pressed, "Even though I don't know the actual reason that prevents you from loving her, why are you doing this to yourself since you know that you will never end up happily with her and all your efforts will simply go to waste?

"Haven't you tried loving other women? After all, a lifetime can be very long if it is spent nursing a one-sided love"

Su Zhinian interrupted Song Qingchun without hesitation. "I don't mind. If it's not her then I'd rather live and die alone."

Song Qingchun was once again startled before she turned around to look at him with widened eyes. She didn't expect her thoughtless advice would elicit such a serious declaration.

He stared at her and explained without blinking, "For me, she is the most important person in the world."

His accidental meeting with her had sparked a fire in him that would burn forever.

"I cannot love her, yet I cannot not love her.

"My love for her begins in a moment but will last an eternity."

These were flowery claims of love, but they sounded sincere and faithful coming from Su Zhinian's lip. His endless determination could be heard between the lines.

Su Zhinian had given Song Qingchun many surprises and shocks that night, but she had to admit, the biggest shock was right at that moment.

She had always assumed there was no one more loyal, no one who had persevered more, than her in her constant pursuit of Qin Yinan, but in comparison to Su Zhinian, hers was truly nothing more than puppy love.

For a moment, Song Qingchun appeared to have lost the ability to speak; she didn't know how to respond to Su Zhinian's statements.