Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 245

Chapter 245: From A Moment To An Eternity 6
Chapter 245: From a Moment to an Eternity (6)
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The room was submerged in a curious silence.

It had not been Qin Yinan's intention to return to the city that day. However, he had received Tang Nuan's call that afternoon, saying she wished to have dinner with him and that she had something important to tell him in person.

The inspection around the construction was at a slow period. If not for the long commute, he would have chosen to just stay in the city.

After receiving Tang Nuan's phone call, Qin Yinan thought about it and eventually decided to meet her.

The village he stayed at didn't have a water supply, so he hadn't taken a bath in a few days. Qin Yinan planned to return home first to get into a fresh change of clothes before meeting Tang Nuan. However, the roads into the city were clogged due to weekend traffic. When he finally got into the city, it was already almost 7 pm.

The traffic didn't get better in town; Tang Nuan's house happened to be on his way home, so when he received the continuous stream of calls from Tang Nuan, he decided to just stop at her place first. The first thing he did was to use her bathroom to take a shower.

After taking a shower, he realized there was no towel in her bathroom, so he pulled open the door to ask for one from her.

What happened next shocked him.

In the years he had pursued Tang Nuan, their relationship had always been kept in an ambiguous stage, close but not intimate. In fact, they had even shared the same room during one of their outings.

However, their relationship wasn't physical. He could see that Tang Nuan still had her reservations about him.

Therefore, he was so surprised that after passing him the towel, Tang Nuan didn't leave but stood before him, studying him quietly. At the time, he was confused by her reaction. While he rubbed his hair dry, he wanted to ask her what was wrong, but before he could do so, she suddenly stood on her toes and leaned in to kiss him on his lips.

His brain was blank before his whole consciousness was taken over by the male desire. He couldn't remember who carried on and who allowed it to continue, but before he knew it, they had already ended up on the bed, their lips tightly locked together.

To be perfectly honest, Tang Nuan was the woman of his dreams, so it would be a lie if he said he hadn't envisioned her in that manner before.

At the time, they were two single people alone in the room, and her initiation had truly aroused the fire of desire within him to its maximum.

However, at the last crucial moment, he stopped.

The reason was simple. Their relationship had been ambiguous throughout the years, and he had suffered through them to preserve the sanctity of their relationship, so of course, he wouldn't let it go to waste then.

His breathing was coming fast, and his eyes seemed to burn through her. Utilizing every ounce of energy within him, he pushed himself off her and dropped an "I'll go make you something to eat," before escaping her bedroom in a hurry.

Tang Nuan slowly caught her breath as she pulled the comforter over to cover her body. She spied Qin Yinan busying himself in the kitchen through the door, which was not closed completely, and reached out for Qin Yinan's phone.

Song Qingchun had ended the call.

From her understanding of Song Qingchun, the girl's love for Qin Yinan must have been rekindled again after he sacrificed his life to save her.

Honestly, she had thought Qin Yinan would save her, but in the end, he had chosen to save Song Qingchun, but so what? She had her ways to make Song Qingchun's heart, which was refilled with hope, drop back into the abyss of despair in an instant!

Then, Tang Nuan deleted the call history without hesitation.