Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 248

Chapter 248: From A Moment To An Eternity 9
Chapter 248: From a Moment to an Eternity (9)
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Due to the heater in the room, the girl's face, which was covered up, was burning up with a pink hue, and several beads of sweat flowed down her face. Her mouth was slightly open, and her breathing came stably.

The man, who merely wanted to help the girl get some air, got lost studying her face.

He couldn't help himself from reaching out to lightly caress her small face. He was exceptionally careful, like he was handling the most fragile treasure in the world. He blinked slowly as he leaned in to plant a light kiss on her forehead.

The moment his lips touched her skin, his face lit up with love and compassion. His presence mellowed out greatly, becoming as soft as water.

His lips stopped on her forehead for mere seconds, but for him, those seconds were enough to last him a lifetime.

With his fingers still beside her ear, he studied her sleeping face. Every cell in his body seemed to be communicating to her those words that he had hid within him for years. After a long time, he stroked her long hair and whispered kindly, "Good night."

It was unknown whether the girl in her dream had heard him or not, but her lips slowly curved into a smile.

When Song Qingchun woke up, sunlight was already streaming into the room through the floor-length window.

Song Qingchun felt refreshed from a good night's sleep. She stretched lazily in bed, and her leg accidentally knocked into something hard. With a shock, she turned around and was greeted with the best scenery.

The man who seemed to have walked out of a painting was still asleep.

The morning sun fell on his face, creating shadows underneath his long eyelashes. His perfect skin glistened from the light as if it had been airbrushed.

This quiet and passive side to the man surprisingly made Song Qingchun's breath catch in her throat.

Even though she had seen this face many times before, she was still impressed by his looks when she was not expecting it. Even she herself had lost count the number of times she had tried to spot a blemish.

Even though it pained her to admit it, even if she was being absolutely nit-picky, there was simply nothing about his face that she could complain about. His face belonged in a painting and not in real life.

Song Qingchun started to feel light-headed at the illogicality of it all. She felt the picture before her was simply too unreal to be true; it was like she was having an illusory dream.

She could not help herself from reaching out to touch the man's face. The warm feeling to her touch made her heart skip a beat. She immediately retracted her finger and pouted, staring at his perfect features.

This Maniac Su, how can a man be more beautiful than a woman? Maniac Su should just lose the Su Zhinian name and be called Beauty Su from now on!

It was not the first time Song Qingchun had mocked Su Zhinian and given him defamatory nicknames, but for some reason, the usual rush that accompanied it was missing. If anything, she felt a dull discomfort in her heart.

She frowned and tilted her head. Staring at the man, she repeated her thoughts several times and realized the issue lay with the term 'Maniac Su'.