Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 249

Chapter 249: From A Moment To An Eternity 10
Chapter 249: From a Moment to an Eternity (10)
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The nickname, Maniac Su, had stuck ever since he moved into her home and, for some reason, squeezed her hand too hard during their first handshake. Not only did he not apologize to her, he even walked away rudely with a cold face. Ever since then, she had called him Maniac Su!

In the one year that they shared the same roof, almost every other day, she would scold him, calling him Maniac Su in her heart. Even five years later, when she needed his help to save Song Empire, she was calling him 'Maniac Su' internally even though on the surface she referred to him respectfully as 'Mr. Su' every time.

In her vocabulary, Maniac Su equaled to Su Zhinian. The nickname used to flow out of her lips normally and easily, so how come she felt so awkward using it now?

This feeling was like someone she wished to protect had been insulted. Even though it wasn't herself who was insulted, she couldn't stand for it. Since when did Su Zhinian become someone that she cared about?

Song Qingchun didn't realize her fingers were still placed on Su Zhinian's face. She stared at him and contemplated on this mystery for a long time before coming to a conclusion.

It was probably the case that her impression of him had improved quite significantly after their late-night talk. She realized he was not a bad person and now felt rather uncomfortable when she called him a maniac.

Now that she thought about it, he was actually quite a good person. Other than his curious personality and irascible temper, there was really nothing seriously wrong with him

Handsome, wealthy, trustworthy, didn't smoke, didn't gamble, and was staying away from alcohol Song Qingchun, who once thought Su Zhinian was the worst man on the face of the planet, suddenly realized the man had many positive qualities to him, and the quality that impressed Song Qingchun the most was his undying loyalty.

He was truly an Adonis to many modern females The woman who married him would probably lead a life with no regret.

Actually, Su Zhinian had woken up an hour earlier; however, the world where she was there when he opened his eyes was too beautiful for him to abandon just like that, so this was the first time in his life he had decided to be lazy in bed.

He did intend to open his eyes when she woke up. Su Zhinian didn't have much sleep the night before because Song Qingchun was a restless sleeper. She tossed and turned in bed, kicking him in his shin multiple times.

However, before he could open his eyes, he read from inside her mind that she was impressed by his looks, so he decided to pretend to be asleep.

Initially, he merely wanted to know what her honest opinion of his looks was, but he was ultimately touched by the thoughts in her mind.

The young Su Zhinian was new to the world of relationships; like many young boys, the only channel of expressing their jealousy was through anger. Perhaps they thought this was the only way to get the girl's attention just like how little boys would often bully the girl he liked just to get her attention.

However, this kind of childish and juvenile method would often only earn the girl's ire.

The jealousy of his youth led him into making the biggest mistake of his life when he took control of her consciousness in the haze of his drunkenness.

He believed he would always maintain the role of an antagonist in her heart. Therefore, he was truly surprised that the day had come where she would praise him.

Su Zhinian's lips involuntarily curved into a smile.