Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Her Love Has Returned 5
Chapter 25: Her Love Has Returned (5)
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"Are you seriously discussing terms with me?"

The eyes that stared at Song Qingchun were dispassionate and calm. Even his tone was eerily flat. His perfect face showed no expression. Su Zhinian was as unreadable as white-painted wall; however, this was much scarier than when he was obviously angry.

Song Qingchun's heart started to palpitate. She had difficulty staring him in his eyes; she averted her eyes subconsciously, and the words that came out of her mouth were not as crisp and confident as before. They felt weak and pale, like how she was feeling. "If you say yes, I can do all those things"

"Answer my question, are you seriously discussing terms with me?"

Su Zhinian's tone was as flat as before, but it presented a great amount of pressure, so much so that Song Qingchun felt like she was being suffocated.

Song Qingchun's fight-or-flight response warned her that she was in mortal danger, but she was frozen solid, and she seemed to have lost her ability to speak.

Su Zhinian stared straight at her without blinking. Even though she did not dare to meet his eyes, Song Qingchun felt her legs giving. She subconsciously took one step back due to her self-preservation instinct, but her small action only made things worse, because the next second, the man suddenly stuck out his arm to grab her chin to forcefully lift her face up to force her to stare directly into his eyes. The words that came out of his mouth though were in such a gentle tone that it sent chills all over her body. "Song Qingchun, you must have lost your mind to talk terms with me.

"Just who do you think you are? Did you really think I would negotiate with you?" Su Zhinian's eyes hardened and the hand that clamped over her chin tightened. Every inch of his body was radiating menace. "You should know you are worth less than a piece of dust in my eyes, so why would you think you can discuss terms with me? Let me tell you, if I really want you to disappear from my sight, I have more than a million ways of achieving that! Negotiate with me? You do not have that right! You are not qualified!"

"If you do not want Song Empire to crumble to dust right this moment" Su Zhinian raised his other arm to point at the door downstairs and ordered in a bone-chilling tone, "Then get out! Get as far as possible away from my house!"

Song Qingchun, ever since she was a child, had lived a pampered life; she'd had parents who loved her and her big brother who doted on her unconditionally. She was raised a princess and had an arrogance within her that was natural from such an upbringing. If not for the fact that her family was in a dire situation, she would not have lowered herself to such a regrettable level to beg others, much less that person had to be Su Zhinian who she did not want to meet again in her life

Honestly, she was starting to break from being verbally insulted again and again by Su Zhinian. Her eyes started to mist but her natural arrogance would never allow her to drop any tears before Su Zhinian.

She bit on her lips hard, trying her best to maintain her composure. She slowly pried her chin from Su Zhinian's grasp and stood before him for about ten seconds before turning to walk away.

Song Qingchun was in such a hurry to leave that she forgot about her clothes, bag, and phone that were left in Su Zhinian's bedroom. She dashed downstairs and out of his bungalow without looking back.