Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 250

Chapter 250: One Danger After Another 1
Chapter 250: One Danger After Another (1)
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And his smile only deepened as time passed.

Hmm? What is he smiling about? A sweet dream perhaps?

Song Qingchun was curious when she noticed the smile that had appeared on Su Zhinian's face.

I wonder what kind of dream it is that it could make him smile even in his sleep. Could it be a dream about that Tingting? I should have asked him what the full name of that girl is. After all, they were high-school sweethearts; I might even know this Tingting!

Song Qingchun bit her nails, and her thought wandered back into the past. She couldn't remember much from her childhood.

The only thing she could remember was the chats she would have with Song Menghwa after dinner as the two of them planted themselves before the television. Although, among the many interesting stories shared with Song Menghwa, there was one that was related to the name 'Tingting'.

According to Song Menghwa, this happened when she was in kindergarten. Her name was Song Qingchun, so the kids at the kindergarten would call her Qingqing or Qingchun. Actually, the name 'Qingchun' was quite pleasant, but to her ears at the time, it sounded like a boy's name.

She didn't remember much about this incident, but according to Song Menghwa, Song Qingchun had been angry at him for giving her such a boyish name. She had created a ruckus, demanding to have a name change.

Song Menghwa yielded to her demands and told her to come up with her own name, and they would refer to her with that name. Of course, Song Menghwa was merely indulging in her girlish fancy; nothing came of this, obviously. Regardless, Song Qingchun spent the whole afternoon coming up a new name for herself.

The first name she could think of was Song Tiantian, then it was Song Tingting, before finally changing it to Song Nuannuan. Listening to how Song Menghwa retold it, she used the whole afternoon to come up with three names and yet spent less than three hours using each. Before the night even ended, her Song Nuannuan had become Song Yiyi.

Whenever Song Menghwa recounted this story, Song Qingchun would laugh. Even thinking about it now, Song Qingchun couldn't help but be amused by her young self. Song Qingchun laughed while appreciating her childhood naivet. However, just as she did so, the sleeping man suddenly pulled his eyes open. His gaze that looked at her appeared to be hiding a mental breakdown. He hissed at her through gritted teeth, "Scammer!"

Song Qingchun was confused by the sudden scolding. She looked at Su Zhinian with utter confusion, innocence written all over her face.

Is he scolding me? Or is he sleep talking

Before the thought could fully form, Su Zhinian spoke again. "Song Qingchun, you immoral scammer!"

Then, Su Zhinian peeled off the comforter, got out of bed, and dashed toward the bathroom. He then slammed the bathroom door loudly.

Song Qingchun puffed up her cheeks and pouted at the closed bathroom room. She grumbled softly, "What kind of person acts like this? The first thing he does after waking up is to label people as scammer. What did I scam from him, his virginity or innocence?"

In the bathroom, Su Zhinian had a hard time dissolving the grievances in his heart. With his eyes closed, Song Qingchun's grumbling drifted into his ears. He took several deep breaths.

His question from last night was answered. No wonder she couldn't remember telling him her name was Tingting.

So, the name she gave him after he used all his money to buy those two lollipops was one that she had abandoned after less than three hours.