Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 251

Chapter 251: One Danger After Another 2
Chapter 251: One Danger After Another (2)
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She still dares to grumble? What has she scammed from me? She, Song Qingchun, has used a "Tingting" to scam the determination and passion of my whole life!

Even though Su Zhinian was still coming down from the anger of realizing Song Qingchun was the world's most horrific scammer, he didn't ignore Song Qingchun. After leaving the bathroom, he brought her to enjoy a scrumptious lunch and drove her back to the city, dropping her right at the entrance of her company before parting.

Often, the relationship between humans would increase and decrease in the subtlest of ways.

Even though Song Qingchun and Su Zhinian still abided by the contract, their relationship had started to change since that night.

Song Qingchun still referred to him as "Mr. Su", but the number of times she called him "Su Zhinian" had drastically increased.

Even though she was still his maid in a certain capacity, he would occasionally come to lend her a hand like helping her wash the cooking ingredients, wipe the table, or there were a few days where it was he who prepared the breakfast.

She was still cautious around him and had some reservations, but she was already much more relaxed compared to before when it felt like she was constantly walking on a minefield. Sometimes during dinner, she would chat noisily with him or tell him a joke; she even asked him to join her in game whenever there was an opening in his schedule.

As they say, you couldn't have the cake and eat it. While her relationship with Su Zhinian improved, Song Qingchun found herself becoming more distant from Qin Yinan.

There was no argument between the two; ever since they were little kids, there had never been any secrets between Song Qingchun and Qin Yinan, the only exception being the fact that she was secretly in love with him.

However, after that night, Song Qingchun stopped seeing Qin Yinan as a confidante. For example, she didn't tell him that Song Cheng hadn't died by committing suicide, and not even good news like Song Empire's revenue had increased fifty percent ever since Su Zhinian's take over.

Beyond that, she stopped messaging Qin Yinan daily or bugging him to come out to lunch or dinner with her.

Song Qingchun worked at the same company as Tang Nuan. Qin Yinan would often come to fetch Tang Nuan, so there was plenty of opportunity for Song Qingchun to meet Qin Yinan. Whenever that happened, they would nod at each other and chat for a while, but the usual rapport and closeness Song Qingchun used to feel around Qin Yinan had completely disappeared.

From the conversation with Qin Yinan, she knew Qin Yinan had cemented the relationship with Tang Nuan. After so many years of hard-work, he had finally managed to get Tang Nuan to accept him; they were finally an actual couple.

In the end, she didn't expose Tang Nuan's real behavior. However, she had truly and really given up on Qin Yinan. The last good thing she did for this man that she had silently pursued for so many years was hiding the fact that it was Song Qingchun herself who had been communicating with him through those notes.

She believed that was the last non-regrettable thing she would do for this man in this one-sided relationship that had haunted her for years.

The months flew by, and soon, it was the end of January. In about eight days, it would be the Lunar New Year.

The workload before the New Year was always high. Oftentimes, people would leave the office in a daze after a full day of laborious work.

At the end of one such day, Song Qingchun stumbled into an alarming incident.