Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 252

Chapter 252: One Danger After Another 3
Chapter 252: One Danger After Another (3)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

The Station Manager came to announce some things right before the time to get off work, causing a half-hour delay to the time they could leave the office.

After the Station Manager left, Song Qingchun went to use the bathroom. When she came out, the whole office had already disappeared, only the cleaners remained.

Song Qingchun put her things away and took the elevator. In the lobby, the two receptionists had left. The only one there was the security guard.

After exiting the revolving door, Song Qingchun was hit in the face by a blast of cold wind. She quickly turned around to zip up her coat. After she put on the scarf and the wool cap, she heard a familiar voice calling her from behind. "Song Song."

Song Qingchun froze before turning around to see Qin Yinan's car parked by the roadside. He was sat in the driver's seat with his head leaning out the window. With a smile on his face, he asked, "Getting off work?"

Song Qingchun adjusted the wool cap on her head and moved down the steps slowly. She stopped about one meter away from his car and replied, "Brother Yinan."

Qin Yinan smiled even brighter. He opened the car lock and pointed at the seat behind him. "It's quite cold outside, do you want to come in to wait?"

Song Qingchun shook her head. Before she could answer Qin Yinan, Tang Nuan's voice came from the other side. "Yinan, come and help me take these, they're hot."

Song Qingchun turned toward the voice and saw Tang Nuan come out of the caf not far away, with two cups of coffee in her hands. She was navigating her way down a series of steps.

"Song Song, I'm sorry, please wait for a moment." Qin Yinan tossed Song Qingchun an apologetic smile before opening the car door to dash toward Tang Nuan. He reached out to take the coffees away from Tang Nuan as they walked back to the car.

When he reached the car, Qin Yinan passed one of the coffees to Song Qingchun without a second thought. "Song Song, here. This will warm you up."

Tang Nuan, who had seen Song Qingchun a while ago, made a show of sipping her coffee slowly before smiling to greet Song Qingchun. "Qingchun."

Song Qingchun glanced at Tang Nuan but did not respond. She shook her head at the cup of coffee Qin Yinan offered and rejected him with some random reason she pulled out of thin air. "Thank you, Brother Yinan, but my stomach is not feeling too good today."

Tang Nuan, who stood to the side, quietly gave Song Qingchun a faded smile as she threw her a side-eye, as if saying she had expected Song Qingchun's answer.

On the other hand, when Qin Yinan heard this, his brows furrowed, and he asked with concern, "Is it a stomach virus? Have you been to the doctor?"

Tang Nuan, who thought she was on the winning side, froze when she heard these concern-filled questions from Qin Yinan. She slowly pulled the cup of coffee away from her lips as dissatisfaction crept onto her face.

Qin Yinan's response was in line with his usual self; he was always this worried when she said she was not feeling well. The old Song Qingchun would have her heart warmed whenever she saw this reaction on Qin Yinan, but now her heart was unusually unaffected.

Song Qingchun smiled slightly and replied, "I'm fine; it's just that coffee is not good for an empty stomach."

Qin Yinan's expression visibly relaxed. Noticing the caf not far away, he said, "Wait for me, I'll go buy something for you to eat."