Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 253

Chapter 253: One Danger After Another 4
Chapter 253: One Danger After Another (4)
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As he said so, Qin Yinan let go of Tang Nuan's hand.

An intense hatred immediately filled Tang Nuan's eyes. The only reason she agreed to become Qin Yinan's girlfriend was because she couldn't give Song Qingchun the opportunity to confess to Qin Yinan.

She was the most familiar with Song Qingchun's personality. Qin Yinan was her Achilles' heel. Even though Tang Nuan knew Song Qingchun hated her to the core, for the sake of preserving the illusion of happiness in Qin Yinan's mind, Song Qingchun wouldn't dare expose her true nature.

Tang Nuan believed she had to be the most important individual in Qin Yinan's heart because he had abandoned Song Qingchun many times for her sake. However, during the bet at Beijing Restaurant, Qin Yinan had chosen to save Song Qingchun and not her.

Other than Song Qingchun, who looked on with a face full of shock, she couldn't believe what had happened either.

However, looking at it in retrospect, Qin Yinan had probably gone to save Song Qingchun because he had seen her evade the falling vase. She was convinced that she was definitely the most important person in Qin Yinan's heart. She was irreplaceable.

However, unbeknownst to herself, the choice made by Qin Yinan at Beijing Restaurant had still cast a shadow over her conviction. She started to mind the little acts of kindness Qin Yinan usually performed for Song Qingchun. She started to notice Qin Yinan seemed to treat Song Qingchun as well as he treated her.

Qin Yinan suddenly turned, as if remembering something. "Song Song, what would you like? How about a sandwich and a latte?"

Tang Nuan's gaze turned colder; her fingers curled more tightly around the paper cup, causing it to crumble slightly in her grasp. All of these years, the only leg up she had over Song Qingchun was her dominance of Qin Yinan's attention and pampering, but she was even losing that one last advantage.

Her lips stretched into a thin line, and her eyes narrowed. With a tip of her wrist, she splashed the hot coffee on her arm. Then she started to scream for help.

Qin Yinan, who was leaving, turned toward Tang Nuan when he heard the yelling. His brows furrowed with concern when he saw the welt on her arm. He dashed to her side to grab her arm and examine the injury. As he studied it, he asked in a voice that was a mixture of concern and reproach, "How can you be so careless?"

Tang Nuan's eyes started to mist, and she looked at Qin Yinan silently but with a face full of innocence.

Qin Yinan reached through the open car window to pull out two wet napkins. He wiped away the coffee stain carefully and blew on the injury dotingly. "This might get serious if not treated immediately. I think we'd better go to the clinic to have it checked out."

I was right all along; I am the most important in this poor man's heart because only I can eclipse the existence of Song Qingchun in his heart whenever I feel like it.

Tang Nuan glanced at Song Qingchun and rewarded the other woman with a condescending and brilliant smile. The next second, she told Qin Yinan in a gentle tone, "Yinan, I'm fine. You'd better go get something for Qingchun to eat."

Qin Yinan was not clued into Tang Nuan's petty trick, but Song Qingchun, of course, knew what she was doing.

Can you be a little more fake?

Song Qingchun scoffed internally and ignored the taunting gaze from Tang Nuan. Before Qin Yinan said anything, she opened her mouth.