Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 254

Chapter 254: One Danger After Another 5
Chapter 254: One Danger After Another (5)
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"Brother Yinan, that won't be necessary. I will just return home to have dinner; there's no reason to fill up now."

Tang Nuan had used this tactic many times, and it usually managed to hit Song Qingchun where it hurt. Even after the first time she had decided to give up on Qin Yinan, Tang Nuan's repeated tactic honestly still irked her.

However, now, perhaps Song Qingchun had reached a state of zen. She felt like an outsider watching in. Other than pity for Qin Yinan, the pain that usually wracked her heart was nowhere to be found. Other than that, she also felt a teensy bit annoyed that Tang Nuan didn't know how to appreciate the good man that she had landed.

Qin Yinan was reminded of the task that he was in the middle of doing. He turned to Song Qingchun apologetically and said, "Song Song"

The two of them had known each other for years; sometimes, they could tell what was on the other person's mind without the use of words. Song Qingchun smiled and interrupted him. "Brother Yinan, you'd better take Tang Nuan to the hospital now; I'll be leaving."

Song Qingchun didn't want to stay in Tang Nuan's company any longer, so she waved goodbye at Qin Yinan and turned to leave.

Usually Song Qingchun would take the taxi home, but due to the delay caused by the Station Manager and the couple, Song Qingchun chose to take the subway. She was afraid she might not be able to reach Su Zhinian's bungalow before 7 pm otherwise.

Her company was around one and a half kilometers from the subway station. As she turned a corner, a man in a large black coat suddenly appeared to accost her. "I'm sorry, Miss. Do you mind telling me where Hwa Rong Mall is?"

Song Qingchun was a native Beijing resident. However, the city had transformed a lot over the past decade. She might not know all the new roads or locations, but she was still familiar with the few famous locales, like the city mall.

Song Qingchun stopped to give the man directions without hesitation.

However, since her scarf was covering half of her face, Song Qingchun's words were a bit jumbled as evidenced by the man when he asked apologetically, "I'm sorry, Miss, I can't hear you clearly. Do you mind removing your scarf?"

Song Qingchun pulled her scarf off and repeated everything she had said to the man. The man focused completely on her face throughout. Even when Song Qingchun was done, he was still staring directly at her face.

Song Qingchun was feeling uncomfortable under his scrutiny, so she coughed lightly and added, "So, have you remembered all that?"

The man came to, and with his eyes still on Song Qingchun's face, he nodded in quick succession. He thanked her multiple times before parting. As he left, he even turned to look at Song Qingchun several times.

Perhaps Song Qingchun had imagined it, but she felt the way the man studied her was more than simple curiosity. She put the scarf back on and hurried toward the subway station.

The station was crowded. Song Qingchun followed the crowd as she passed through the safety inspection. The train had arrived by the time she reached the platform. However, due to the immense crowd, she didn't squeeze into it and decided to wait for the next train.

The train took away around ninety percent of the passengers who had stood waiting at the platform.