Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 256

Chapter 256: One Danger After Another 7
Chapter 256: One Danger After Another (7)
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Song Qingchun smiled, looking at the young man's cute reaction. She smiled and thanked him once more, which only seemed to make the man blush even harder; his face was so red that Song Qingchun was worried blood was going to start pouring out of his nostrils.

Song Qingchun changed the subject. "What's your name?"

The man raised his finger to fiddle with the glasses sitting on his nose before answering, "Gao Ming."

After a pause, he asked, "What about you?"

"Song Qingchun."

"That sounds so familiar like I've heard it somewhere before Wait, I remember now, you're that reporter from TW Station, aren't you?"

Song Qingchun found out the young man was a second-year university student and a Hubei native.

It was Song Qingchun who reached her destination station first. She wanted to treat the young man to a meal as sign of appreciation, but he rejected her offer because he was on the way to a date with his girlfriend.

As she exited the subway, the rush of cold wind on her face cleared Song Qingchun's mind greatly.

As she walked toward Su Zhinian's bungalow, she replayed the incident in her mind. She still shivered from the possible consequences.

When Song Qingchun arrived at his front door, she pulled out her phone to relay her experience that day among her circle of friends. She ended it with an "I almost met God today" coupled with a "crying" and "frowning face" emoji.

Su Zhinian, who was managing two companies at the same time, was the busiest he had ever been during this period before Lunar New Year.

He had just finished a video conference with Song Empire's top management, and before he could grab a gulp of water, he was called to attend another meeting by Cheng Qingchong.

Su Zhinian massaged the bridge of his nose to relieve the tension that had started to gather in his mind. He stood up, grabbed his phone, and left the office.

Hugging a stack of documents and laptop, Cheng Qingchong hurried behind him. When Su Zhinian almost reached the meeting room, he received a message alert on his phone.

Su Zhinian pulled it out and realized it was a WhatsApp message. He clicked it open and saw it was a new message in a group. He was about to exit when he noticed the latest sender was Song Qingchun. He immediately opened it.

"Today, when I was taking the subway home, I was pushed beyond the yellow line. If not for the young man who pulled me back, I guess I would have been tomorrow's morning headline That was too close! Even now, my heart is still beating. I almost met God today"

Su Zhinian suddenly stopped moving.

Cheng Qingchong turned to look at him with befuddlement. "CEO Su?"

Her words fell on deaf ears as Su Zhinian stared with absolute focus at the phone screen. Then, his brows furrowed deeply. He pointed at the door, signaling for Cheng Qingchong to head in first. Then he walked toward the window, pressing a series of a numbers on his phone.

His call was picked up almost immediately. Following Song Qingchun's greeting, Su Zhinian could also hear the sound of rushing water and the whirring of the exhaust fan.

She's cooking? Then it really seems like she's safe and sound.

Su Zhinian's worried heart finally relaxed. He was about to sigh in relief when the expression on his face froze because he