Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 258

Chapter 258: One Danger After Another 9
Chapter 258: One Danger After Another (9)
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It's fine if things at the house are stolen, but if the thief stumbles into Song Qingchun and harms her in the heat of the moment or just to cover up his tracks

When he reached this part of his thought, Song Qingchun's confusion-filled voice came from the phone. "Su Zhinian, why would you ask that so suddenly?"

"Qingchun." The moment Song Qingchun finished her sentence, Su Zhinian called her name.

"Hmm?" Song Qingchun replied instinctually, then she suddenly realized ever since the night that they had the deep talk, he had started calling her Qingchun instead of the earlier Miss Song or Song Qingchun.

"I'm in the mood for green bean soup; go to the supermarket to help me buy some green beans." Su Zhinian believed the best solution was to get Song Qingchun out of the house before she had a chance to run into the burglar.

After giving the order, Su Zhinian dashed toward his office.

Song Qingchun, who was still ruminating on the change of title, replied offhandedly, "Okay."

Then she tilted her head to look out the window, thinking to herself, The change in how he addresses me is a bit suddenit literally happened overnightbut the word Qingchun sounded quite mellifluous coming from his lips

Su Zhinian grabbed his car keys from his office and dashed toward the elevator without even taking his jacket.

His gait was hurried, and he looked nervous; he even started to jog after a while.

The workers who saw this were confused. Cheng Qingchong came out of the meeting room, and she had just yelled out "CEO Su" when the elevator door closed.

Su Zhinian stared at the red number on the elevator panel that was changing. He realized that the girl on the other end of the phone merely replied once, and he stopped hearing any sound from her end, so he asked again, "Did you hear me or not?"

"I did" Song Qingchun blinked into consciousness and replied obediently, "We have green beans at home; I'll start cooking now"

Su Zhinian frowned. "Never mind, I've changed my mind. Leave the green beans alone, go buy some oatmeal from the supermarket."

"We have oatmeal at home too; I just bought some yesterday."

Su Zhinian was rattled. As he started his car, he went through all the meals that he could think of off the top of his head. "How about red bean? Corn? Salmon steak? Lately, Beijing has been suffering from haze; you'd better go buy some Chinese yam"

As if afraid that Song Qingchun would say they already had all that at home, he added after taking a pause, "Then, buy some tomatoes. I remember we don't have eggs left in the fridge, so get some of those too. Also, remember to get some detergent and soap while you're there"

Before Su Zhinian could finish, Song Qingchun cut him off. "Have you forgotten? We just went to the supermarket yesterday. We bought most of what you mentioned yesterday. Especially the eggs, we bought a whole case, remember? The fridge can barely fit anymore."

Su Zhinian's car left the underground parking lot and stopped moving after one minute.

He was caught in a severe traffic jam. Honking and red lights formed a palpable wall, caving him in.

On Song Qingchun's end, the burglar upstairs probably heard Song Qingchun on the phone and thought that she was coming up. His footsteps were much more cautious. After what sounded like the rustling of clothing, Su Zhinian heard the crisp sound of a flick knife being opened.