Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 259

Chapter 259: One Danger After Another 10
Chapter 259: One Danger After Another (10)
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His hands that gripped the steering wheel shook as his heart shivered. With cold sweat crawling down his face and back, he yelled vehemently into the phone, interrupting Song Qingchun, "Song Qingchun, go to the market if I tell you too, stop giving me so many excuses!"

Song Qingchun could sense the imposing presence through the phone, causing her lips to clamp shut.

Perhaps it had been so long since Su Zhinian was angry at her, but the sudden change flustered Song Qingchun; she stammered for a reply. Furthermore, they had been talking amiably just one second earlier; the switch was too much for her to handle.

With the car still caught in traffic, Su Zhinian grumbled in an irked tone, seeing as Song Qingchun still hadn't given a response, "Why aren't you moving? Did you not hear me?"

As he finished, Su Zhinian heard the sound of Song Qingchun grabbing her coat off the rack and rushing out of the house.

As the door slammed shut, Su Zhinian's heart that had reached his throat finally relaxed. He was afraid that Song Qingchun would reach home before him while the burglar was still there, so he added in a more warm tone, "Wait for me at the entrance to the mall, I'll be there in a minute."

The mood of the girl who had been scolded for no reason was a bit low, so she merely answered with an unsatisfied "Okay."

Su Zhinian could hear the unhappiness in her voice. He opened his lips, attempting to say a few words of consolation, but he didn't know where to start, so in the end, he kept silent. He hung up after he heard her getting out of the gate.

The traffic was so bad that the car barely moved a hundred meters in five minutes. It was then that Su Zhinian saw the sign for a subway station out of the corner of his eyes. After weighing all the possible consequences in his mind, Su Zhinian pushed open the car door, abandoned his car in the middle of the road and dashed toward the subway station.

Song Qingchun couldn't remember clearly the last time Su Zhinian had been so angry at her.

When she first moved into his bungalow, suffering because of his impossible mood swings was part of her job scope. Almost every time they met, he would scold or berate her.

At the time, she had gotten used to his cranky personality. In comparison, his tone wasn't even that badhe was merely being a bit more adamant than usualit was nothing compared to his early outburst. However, for some reason, she felt greatly saddened by it in her heart.

In fact, as she pushed the shopping cart and picked up the eggs as he had ordered, tears came inexplicably to her eyes. There was an unspeakable grievance festering in her chest.

Song Qingchun paid for the items with a frowning pout. Just as she exited the mall, she saw Su Zhinian walk toward her, holding a phone in his palm. It looked like he was on the phone.

Then, Song Qingchun's phone rang. She pretended not to hear it, standing beside the shopping cart with her head bowed, bagging her purchase.

Several minutes later, a shadow appeared beside her.

Without raising her head, Song Qingchun knew it was Su Zhinian based on the scent that lingered on his body.

"Why aren't you answering your phone?" Su Zhinian's light voice came from above her head.

Song Qingchun ignored him and focused completely on the task of shoving household items into shopping bags.