Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Her Love Has Returned 6
Chapter 26: Her Love Has Returned (6)
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The room suddenly became overly quiet. Su Zhinian did not move from the door of the study, his arm was still raised, his hand persisted in holding Song Qingchun's chin that was no longer there.

He stood in that position for a long time before going back into his study. Then, like nothing had happened, he opened his computer.

His expression was the same throughout. His finger occasionally clicked on the mouse and he would also type long paragraphs on the keyboard. Suddenly, he stopped for some unknown reason to look outside the window. Then his gaze fell on the document that was left on the table in front of the sofa. He felt as if the document that he had been studying over the past few days was silently judging him.

He remembered Tang Nuo's question the other day. By the way, what is this? I notice you have been reading it for days already

This document detailed Song Empire's development in recent years. Long before Tang Nuo came to him, he had already compiled one on his own. Or more accurately he had already compiled one long before Song Qingchun came to him.

Tang Nuo also asked why he wouldn't help her.

That's right why wouldn't he help her?

Because he was afraid Afraid that after he helped her, he would never see her again. Then again, even if he didn't, he still wouldn't see her again.

Before she left, he could hear her inner voices clearly. She had given up, given up on begging him to save Song Empire. To get his help, she had been hounding him for almost a whole month In the bitter cold, she had waited for him at the front of his company for a whole month. While working, he would see her shadow whenever he looked down from his office window

However, that would not be true from then onward. Su Zhinian felt frustrated by these thoughts crowding his mind. He closed his computer out of annoyance and stormed out of his study.

As he stepped into his bedroom, he saw her clothes and bag that strewn across his floor and her phone that was still on his bed Anger flared up within him and he curled her stuff into a ball and tossed them down from the balcony without much thought.

Perhaps because she was under the same roof as him yesterday, his sleep in the guest room had been restless. Su Zhinian climbed into his bed, trying to repay his sleep debt, but her scent that had adhered to his mattress kept boring into his nostrils. He was so irked that he flipped off the mattress and charged downstairs in an angry fit.

After stepping out of his bungalow, Su Zhinian's gaze was attracted by Song Qingchun's stuff that was strewn across his patio. He bit his lips before walking over to bend over and pick them up one by one.

Song Qingchun walked for quite a distance before her emotions calmed down. She realized there were many people on the streets sneaking looks at her. She shivered involuntarily and finally realized she was not only not wearing any winter coat in the winter, but also, she was barefooted. Her feet were so frostbitten that she did not realize she could no longer feel them anymore.

Song Qingchun stopped by the side of the road and was thinking about hailing a cab when she realized her phone and bag were both left behind at Su Zhinian's home.

She turned to look at his bungalow a distance away but did not turn to walk towards it. Her mood that had been improving became depressed again.

How was she going to explain to her father and sister-in-law that she was unable to persuade Su Zhinian?

Her father would be devastated by the news After all, Song Empire was his life's work