Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 260

Chapter 260: Im Sorry And Its Okay 1
Chapter 260: I'm Sorry and It's Okay (1)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Su Zhinian stared at the top of her fuzzy head for a while and reached out to help wordlessly. Song Qingchun still didn't give him any response, not even a glance his way.

The two of them packed the purchases in silence.

Su Zhinian had ordered her to buy quite a lot of things, enough to fill up two full bags. The cart was not allowed to leave the mall entrance, so Song Qingchun reached out to carry one of the bags as they prepared to leave. However, before she could take even a step, the bag was taken away by Su Zhinian. "I'll take it."

Song Qingchun froze slightly before letting her hand go.

After leaving the supermarket, Song Qingchun instinctively aimed her eyes at the roadside, but she failed to spot Su Zhinian's car.

He didn't drive? Song Qingchun frowned in confusion and followed behind Su Zhinian, who was carrying the two bags, one in each hand, as they headed toward the residential area.

Su Zhinian had a fast gait, so he would occasionally find himself walking far ahead of Song Qingchun; however, when that happened, he would stop for a moment and only resumed walking when he heard Song Qingchun's approaching footsteps.

It was not until they had almost reached their housing area that Song Qingchun realized Su Zhinian was only wearing a thin shirt in the middle of winter.

Song Qingchun, who had been giving Su Zhinian the cold shoulder, started to notice various incongruities on his attire. His usually pressed and clean shirt was rumpled like he had just squeezed through a crowd.

When they reached his place, Song Qingchun raised her finger to key in the password. However, Su Zhinian suddenly grabbed her wrist. He stared at the closed door for a moment, appearing to be deep in thought before letting her hand go.

What is up with him tonight? Song Qingchun rolled her eyes and then proceeded to key in the password. She pushed open the door, changed into a pair of indoor slippers, and went into the kitchen.

Looks like she is really unhappy this time She didn't even help me get my slippers.

Su Zhinian stared at Song Qingchun's back for a while before placing the two bags on the floor. Then he bent down to grab his own slippers from the shoe rack.

Su Zhinian categorized the purchases and stashed them in the fridge. He glanced at Song Qingchun, who was working at the stove, through the glass door of the kitchen before heading upstairs.

Su Zhinian pushed the doors to all the upstairs rooms open. All the rooms looked tidy and untouched, but Su Zhinian, with his eye for detail, still managed to pick out signs of the room being searched. The rooms were merely returned to their original state after the search.

Su Zhinian had the habit of keeping some cash at home in case of emergency. His stash of cash was placed in his bedside table's drawer. There wasn't even a lock, so his first reaction was to pull the drawer open. The cash was still in there, untouched.

Su Zhinian pulled out the wad of cash and gave it a rough count. He then realized the amount of correct.

Su Zhinian frowned, placed the money back into its place, and left for his study.

With just a rudimentary scan, he could confirm that no one had been inside his study.

Su Zhinian's heart that had relaxed from noticing Song Qingchun's safety started to palpitate again.

Someone has obviously been in the house but none of the valuables are missing. My company's secrets were placed openly on the study table; they were unmoved as well.

This means that the burglar was not here for the money or company secrets, so that person wasn't really a burglar to begin with.

Then, if he was not here for the money, he was here for the person living here?

But who? Me or Song Qingchun?