Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 261

Chapter 261: Im Sorry And Its Okay 2
Chapter 261: I'm Sorry and It's Okay (2)
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The naturally erudite Su Zhinian pulled his attention to the group message that Song Qingchun had sent after some contemplation.

The day she met with danger at the subway station, an unknown person broke into the house. Once, it might be a coincidence, but twice?

Su Zhinian was reminded of the sound of the flick knife he had heard on the phone during his phone call with Song Qingchun, and his jaw tightened.

The normal first reaction for a burglar when caught is to run, but this man chose to arm himself instead

Obviously, he came prepared, probably to take someone's life

And quite possibly, all the coincidences that happened today day weren't really coincidences

So, the accident at the subway station was probably hiding a bigger conspiracy, with the intention to murder.

There was a lack of emotion on Su Zhinian's face, but his eyes were radiating a sub-zero temperature.

And it looks like they're targeting Song Qingchun.

Their purpose was clear, to take her life, but who are these people? And what did she do to attract the ire of such individuals? And what was that man looking for, ransacking almost every room in his house's second floor?

The document in Su Zhinian's hands crinkled from force, and his usually calm face scowled with brutality as an aura of pure fury emanated around him, sucking the air out of the room.

Regardless, as long as he was there, no harm was going to come to Song Qingchun!

Song Qingchun, who had been scolded by Su Zhinian for no reason, still hadn't recovered from her misery. After making dinner, she didn't go upstairs to call him like usual but informed him through the in-house monitor.

On the dining table, other than the sound of utensils and plates, there was no other sound. After having her fill, Song Qingchun collected the empty plates from the dining table and went into the kitchen wordlessly.

When she had cleaned, put everything away, left the kitchen, she was shocked to realize Su Zhinian was still sitting in the dining room. She lowered her head and was ready to walk past him when Su Zhinian's faded voice called after her, saying, "Brew me a cup of coffee and bring it to my study."

Then, he stood up, pushed the chair he was sitting on under the table, and headed upstairs.

After the coffee was brewed and she was going to head upstairs, Song Qingchun, in her lousy mood, spotted the pepper shaker left on the dining table. Her pupils turned for a moment and then they lit up brightly because she'd just had a lightbulb moment. She placed the coffee on the dining room and reached for the pepper shaker. She shook some into the brown liquid and stirred it with the tiny spoon. As she did so, she chuckled rather wickedly.

"Who asked you to suddenly go crazy and be mad at me? And you still want me to brew you coffee? Fine, have a taste of my specially made Pepper Coffee Extravaganza!"

After the black pepper had completely dissolved, Song Qingchun nodded in satisfaction as she washed the spoon and placed it back on the saucer.

The study door was open, and Su Zhinian was seated in front of the computer, typing something expressionlessly.

Before Song Qingchun knocked on the door, Su Zhinian lifted his head to look at her as if he could sense her arrival. Then he nodded at the table, signaling for her to put the coffee there.