Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 263

Chapter 263: Im Sorry And Its Okay 4
Chapter 263: I'm Sorry and It's Okay (4)
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However, when the cup reached her lips, Song Qingchun's conviction faded.

If she didn't know there was some issue with the coffee, she would have finished the cup in one gulp, but she had an issue doing that with such gusto while knowing there was indeed something wrong with the cup of coffee.

Song Qingchun weighed the options silently in her mind before suddenly yelping out loud as if she just remembered something. She opened her mouth to say, "Mr. Su, I just remembered that my favorite drama is starting soon. Do you mind if I take this coffee downstairs to enjoy with the drama?"

Su Zhinian's original intention was to toy with her; he hadn't intended to force her to drink the questionable coffee to begin with. So, he shrugged and nodded easily to conceal the fact that he had seen through her little trick.

Song Qingchun sighed under her breath. She immediately rushed toward the door as if she couldn't bear staying for another second in his room.

Su Zhinian called from behind her when she reached the door, "Wait."

What now? Has he changed his mind and wants me to finish this cup now?

Song Qingchun's body froze with her back facing Su Zhinian. It took her a moment to turn around, and when she did, an exceptionally fawning smile was plastered on her face. "Mr. Su, do you have any other orders?"

Su Zhinian didn't say anything as he released his grasp on the mouse and retrieved something from his study table drawer. Then he stood up, walked around the table, and headed toward her.

Is he coming over to personally force me to drink it?

Song Qingchun's black eyes started to shudder from fear. Just as she was contemplating the idea of pretending to let the coffee cup drop from her hand, Su Zhinian stopped before her and passed her the item in his hand. "This is for you."

It was a black credit card.

Song Qingchun was confused and raised her head to let out a confused "Hmm?" at Su Zhinian after some time.

Su Zhinian was probably really busy with work and didn't want to waste too much time, so he directly placed the card in Song Qingchun's shirt pocket. Then he turned and headed back to his desk in a hurry.

Perhaps Song Qingchun had imagined it, but she felt the man's series of actions felt rushed, like he was ashamed. In fact, as he returned to his desk, he even accidentally knocked his feet on the corner of the table.

As if attempting to conceal his clumsiness, Su Zhinian cleared his throat and sank back down into his chair slowly. Then, facing away from Song Qingchun, he declared in an official tone, "Use that card for any household purchases in the future."

Su Zhinian grabbed the mouse, and as he keyed in the password to unlock his computer, he added, "The card's PIN code is the same as the house's access code."

Throughout, he didn't take another look at Song Qingchun.

After a pause, he said, "If there's nothing else, you can go now."

Then, he focused on the computer, and the sound of typing began again.


Song Qingchun responded succinctly before turning and leaving the study in a rather dazed state, holding the coffee cup in her hands.

After Song Qingchun closed the door behind her, Su Zhinian closed his eyes and let out a long breath. Then, he continued working on his computer as a pink blush crawled onto his fair cheeks.