Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 264

Chapter 264: Im Sorry And Its Okay 5
Chapter 264: I'm Sorry and It's Okay (5)
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The first thing Song Qingchun did after returning downstairs was flushing the coffee down the toilet. Then, she washed the cup, dried her hands, before reaching for the bank card that Su Zhinian had placed in her pocket.

A black card The card had to have at least 5,000,000 RMB in the account before the bank would process such a card. In other words, Su Zhinian had given her a card worth 5,000,000 RMB to take care of his living arrangements? Looks like this One RMB Su only chooses to be generous on certain occasion, but when he does, it'll be crazy frightening.

"But why would he use the same password for some many important things? Don't tell me those six digits are also the password for his phone, computer, and safety box?" Song Qingchun mumbled to herself as she turned to card around. Her gaze fell on the box where the signature of the owner would normally be. Normally, the box would have the owner's signature so that comparison could be made if there was a need for it.

However, on this card given by Su Zhinian, instead of a signature, there were two simply words: I'm sorry.

The words looked freshly-written; the ink was still drying. Song Qingchun could recognize the handwriting; it was definitely Su Zhinian's. Therefore, the main reason for giving her the card, other than to pay for the living arrangements, was to apologize to her?

Is he apologizing for the way he sounded on the phone tonight?

No wonder he directly shoved the card into her pocket when she didn't reach for it in the study, and it also explained the hurried way he had scurried back to his desk and chased her out without giving her the opportunity to react.

The lousy mood that she had been bearing the whole night melted like snow on the first day of spring. In fact, she felt the softest part of her chest go extremely warm and fluffy.

This arrogant man has actually apologized to me

Song Qingchun studied the 'I'm sorry' on the back of the card, and her lips curved into an involuntarily smile, lighting up her whole face. A curious light was collecting at the bottom of her eyes, and it seemed to soften her features, making her look that much more attractive.

Song Qingchun stood there, looking at the black card, for a long time before putting it in her wallet and brewed another cup of coffee that she knew would match his taste palette.

Su Zhinian had abandoned a roomful of top management to come searching for her, so he was in the middle of a resumed phone conference when she entered the study. He placed his finger on his lips to shush her when he noticed her in the study.

Song Qingchun did not disturb and placed the cup carefully on his desk. As she turned to leave, she suddenly turned back as if remembering something. Then, in a quiet move, she picked up his pen, took a sticky note, scribbled something on it, and pasted it on the side of the coffee cup before slinking out of the study.

When Su Zhinian finished the phone conference, it was already two hours later.

The first thing he did after closing the computer was to peel off the note she had left on the coffee cup.

On it was written also two words.

'It's okay.'

They were probably a reply to the 'I'm sorry' that he left on the back of the black card.

Su Zhinian smiled, and a gentle glow softened his eyes. The light in them rippled like water, casting a warm radiance over his features.

His fatigue dispersed in that very moment as if swept away by the most refreshing spring breeze.

He leaned back in his chair and took small, enjoyable sips of the cold coffee until it finished.