Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 265

Chapter 265: Im Sorry And Its Okay 6
Chapter 265: I'm Sorry and It's Okay (6)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Su Zhinian went downstairs, cleaned the cup, and placed it back into the cupboard before returning to the second floor.

Before entering his own bedroom, he thought about it and took a detour to stand before Song Qingchun's bedroom door.

He fiddled with the doorknob, expecting it to be locked like usual, but to his surprise, the door was opened.

The girl in bed had already disappeared into her dreams, smiling in her sleep.

Su Zhinian took slow, deliberate steps into the room. Her lips were curved beautifully into a smile, but the rest of her body was in quite an unsightly state. Only half of her body was covered by the comforter, and one of her arms had even fallen off the edge of the bed.

Su Zhinian replaced her arm carefully back by her side and then slowly shuffled the comforter to cover her exposed body. He even helped her tone down the brightness of the lights in the room.

When he prepared to stand up and leave, he noticed that the black card he had given her that night was clutched in her hand.

Su Zhinian's gaze softened with affection. He couldn't help but reach out to caress the line of her jaw, and in that moment, he was reminded of the words she had mumbled to herself earlier.

"But why would he use the same password for some many important things? Don't tell me those six digits are also the password for his phone, computer, and safety box?"

She was absolutely right; he did use those six digits for all his passwords.

Those six digits were not her birthday, not his mother's birthday, and not his own birthday.

Those six digits were 961008.

Those six digits represented October 8th, 1996, the date he first met her.

Those six digits represented the best day and the happiest day of his life.

Those six digits represented the day his life officially started.

Song Qingchun really thought she had been jinxed recently. She believed she had practically stumbled into all the possible bad luck she could have in her life within that short period of time.

She almost fell onto the tracks taking the subway. A car almost hit her on the way to work the next morning. A brick falling from several stories high almost hit her when she was on site with her assistant to interview a famous celebrity. Even when she went shopping with her friend on the weekend, she almost slipped and fell from the escalator as she was shoved by some ruffians some behind.

Initially, Song Qingchun assumed it was a lull in her fortune, and she was considering paying Yonghe Temple a visit and lighting some incense.

However, these 'accidents' kept happening, and even she herself started to get suspicious of it.

Song Qingchun might have been a reporter, but she worked the entertainment beat; she couldn't have incurred the hatred of someone to the point where that person would want to claim her life.

Regardless, Song Qingchun also sensed that she was being secretly protected by someone in the dark. It was a feeling that was inexplicable; one could call it a woman's intuition perhaps.

The reason Song Qingchun felt this way was because she always managed to survive these 'accidents'.

Initially, she chalked it up to her own good fortune, but no matter how lucky one was, it was impossible for one to escape danger so many times, right?

So just as she was adamant that someone was plotting against her life, she was sure that someone was surreptitiously protecting her from harm. This feeling only increased as the number of 'accidents' increased.

However, she had also considered the fact that it was merely a self-defense mechanism conjured up by her mind due to the many shocks she had been subjected to lately.

However, her suspicion was confirmed on the night of Lunar New Year's Eve.