Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 267

Chapter 267: Im Sorry And Its Okay 8
Chapter 267: I'm Sorry and It's Okay (8)
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Song Qingchun did wish for Fang Rou to come along with her, but she was not that obtuse. It was obvious from her many reasons that Fang Rou preferred to stay home. Even though Song Qingchun felt bad for leaving her, she respected Fang Rou's choice.

When Song Qingchun stepped into North Sea Garden, she could already see the large second story cruise ship. The cruise ship had a Chinese traditional decoration with rows of large red lanterns hanging around it, giving it a Lunar New Year atmosphere.

Song Qingchun went on the ship after swiping her invitation on the available scanning device at the entrance and realized the Chinese traditional theme went beyond the dcor. The waitresses were in red Qipao, and even the champagne flutes were jade-colored glazed glasses.

The first-floor cabin was packed with people. Even though Song Qingchun couldn't guarantee she knew everyone there, most she was at least an acquaintance of. Song Qingchun greeted them and took a sip from her flute as the occasion demanded. Even though she merely took a small sip every time, she was still rather tipsy by the end of it.

She didn't even have the opportunity to enjoy the view after getting onto the cruise. Therefore, Song Qingchun gave the excuse that she wished to get a better view of the garden from the upper deck when she passed a staircase. She then hurried up the stairs to escape from the party-goers.

The second floor of the cruise ship was half open deck and half resting areas and guest rooms.

There was quite a crowd gathered at the resting area playing Mah-jongg. Song Qingchun cleverly avoided them after glancing through the window into the room. She walked down the corridor and nodded at familiar faces as she headed for the open deck.

Some of the doors to the guest rooms were open. Inside them were couples sharing intimate moments or having a good time. Song Qingchun peeked into an empty room and realized the interior was luxuriously decorated, rivalling that of a seven-star hotel. It looked like the CEO of Hwa Nuo had spent a lot on the party.

The cold sea breeze swept Song Qingchun's face as she stepped onto the open deck. She shivered from the cold and immediately decided to head back into the warmth of the ship cabin.

There was nothing interesting on the second floor. When Song Qingchun passed one of the guest rooms, she crashed into the man that was heading out. It just so happened to be the Student Council President of her high-school.

The President apologized and invited her to join them; he said a lot of her high school friends had congregated in there. Before Song Qingchun could say anything, she heard Tang Nuan's voice drifting out from within. "Yinan, help me open this."

Song Qingchun had better things to do than find trouble for herself, so she grumbled that she had to use the bathroom and escaped toward the staircase.

As Song Qingchun stepped onto the first platform of the staircase, she heard Qin Yinan's voice calling from behind her. "Song Song?"

Song Qingchun stopped and turned around to meet Qin Yinan, who was in a handsome blue suit. He was walking slowly toward her.

Song Qingchun waited until he reached her before, greeting him in return. "Brother Yinan."

"When did you arrive?"

"It has been a while already."

"So why didn't you come find me?"

"I was caught up talking to some of my friends from work."

Song Qingchun answered his every question with a friendly smile. Her answers were succinct and to the point; there was no extra elaboration or fluff.

Qin Yinan frowned imperceptibly because this wasn't how normally Song Qingchun would act. She would always add and embellish her answers to his simple questions.

Qin Yinan went suddenly quiet as his dark eyes stared unblinkingly at Song Qingchun like he was trying to find something out. After a while, he asked in a rather serious tone, "Song Song, have I done anything to make you unhappy recently?"