Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 270

Chapter 270: The Deep Kiss In The Deep Water 1
Chapter 270: The Deep Kiss in the Deep Water (1)
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Concerned about her safety, he had moved his work from his office to the caf opposite from her company so that he could follow her movement constantly so as to ensure her safety.

Before he came to his mother's, he had purposely dropped her home first and waited until she had gone in before leaving to ensure she would be safe even while he wasn't around.

Tonight is New Year 's Eve, and the party seems crowded, so it should be safe

The more Su Zhinian tried to convince himself of this, the most worried he became. He kept looking at his mother and was trying to figure out a way to excuse himself when his mother commented, "Zhinian, your phone has been ringing non-stop, is it something urgent? If it's something you need to attend to, then go. You don't need to stay to accompany me; I'll be fine."

For the past few years, his mother would also tell him to go out to meet his friends, and he would reject it every time. However, this year, when he heard his mother say that, he nodded after a short silence, and his light tone was filled with apology. "Tang Nuo is looking for me. I'll be back in a bit."

"There's no need to rush home, safety is the most important." Auntie Su stood up with a smile as she went searching for a thick winter coat for her son. She passed him his car keys, and standing by the open doorway, she reminded him to drive safely before her son got into the car and left.

On the streets during New Year's Eve, there was barely another vehicle on the road. The trip that would usually take Su Zhinian over an hour was completed in thirty minutes that day.

Before Su Zhinian parked his car, amid the cacophony of noises, he managed to pick up Song Qingchun's voice saying, "Thank you, Brother Yinan."

Qin Yinan is also here? Su Zhinian's eyes glistened as he ended the ignition. As he prepared to grab his coat and wallet, he heard Qin Yinan's voice reply, "Aren't you going to open it?"

"This way, the mystery will be kept alive."

Sounds like they're talking about opening a present. Qin Yinan has prepared a New Year present for Song Qingchun?

The cold wind streamed into the car as Su Zhinian pushed the door open. He took the first step out of the car when he heard Qin Yinan's voice again. "Song Song, I feel like we have been getting further and further away from each other recently, are you sure I have not done anything to make you unhappy, or have I done anything wrong?"

[Song Qingchun has been distancing herself from Qin Yinan?] Su Zhinian didn't mean to eavesdrop on their conversation, but his focus was inevitably drawn to Song Qingchun's reply. Then he heard Song Qingchun say in a joking voice, "Brother Yinan, you're overthinking this. We're still as close as before. You're my Brother Yinan, so it's impossible for there to be a big distance between us. Furthermore, didn't you promise you'll always be my Brother Yinan?"

It was as if a sharp knife suddenly plunged itself into Su Zhinian's heart, stopping it from beating.

With the car door swung wide open, half of Su Zhinian's body was outside the car and the other half within it. The breeze from the sea was bone-chilling, but it was incomparable to the chilliness that originated from his heart. He stared blankly at the reflection of the lights on the surface of the water when he heard her continue to speak.