Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 271

Chapter 271: The Deep Kiss In The Deep Water 2
Chapter 271: The Deep Kiss in the Deep Water (2)
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"Or are you saying all of this because you want to renege on that promise?"

Su Zhinian's grip on his coat tightened as his lips stretched into a thin line. A flash of anxiety crossed the bottom of his eyes.

He desperately wished for his ability to hear from miles away to stop working; he knew it had always been his choice to stop listening, but he couldn't stop himself. Even though he understood it was no different from self-torture, he increased his focus on the conversation between Song Qingchun and Qin Yinan. In fact, he concentrated so much on them that it felt like he was just standing beside them, listening in; he could even pick up their tone between the lines.

"Nonsense, why wouldn't I continue to be your Brother Yinan?"

"Brother Yinan, I will definitely hold you to your promise!"

"When have I ever lied to you?"

At that moment, Su Zhinian felt like a veil had smothered all his senses; he could hear nothing, see nothing, and feel nothing.

Like a mortified statue, he remained stuck in his pose of half-way getting out of his car. After a long period of inactivity, he was slowly brought back to life by a visceral pain radiating from a part of his body.

Where does the pain come from? he asked himself.

He then pulled the half of his body back into the car and lightly closed the door. He simmered in the quietness of his car for a long time before his hand reached out to touch his left chest. His hand travelled up and down his chest as if physically searching for an answer. Then it dawned on him that the pain originated in his heart.

A gloom materialized at the bottom of Su Zhinian's dark eyes, and a bitter smile appeared on his lips.

He wished desperately to be a normal person so that he wouldn't be exposed to her actual inner thoughts and wouldn't need to listen to her words of intimacy with another man, and ultimately, he would be able to lie to himself.

However, that was impossible; the world was unable to deceive him, and he was unable to deceive himself.

There were many different sounds travelling through his ears, some were watching the New Year Gala, some were partying, some were having a quiet reunion among family, and the common thread through them all was a satisfied feeling of happiness and contentment.

Due to the comparison, he felt exceptionally lonely and isolated. Su Zhinian suddenly felt incredibly tired, and he lowered his head. With his hand still on his chest, he could feel his heart beat, and with every beat, it was felt like it was screaming with pain.

It was a pain that he could never voice in public, a pain that was destined to be suffered by him alone, buried deep in his heart.

The ship started moving toward the center of the North Sea Garden's lake at 10 pm.

As the party officially started, Hwa Nuo's CEO took the stage and started giving his speech. Everyone at the party clapped and cheered politely for the host.

The phone in Song Qingchun's bag suddenly started to vibrate. She stopped clapping and pulled it out. It was a call from the Song family's landline.

Afraid that something had happened to Song Menghwa, she quickly retreated out of the hall. Since the first floor was too noisy, she went upstairs, down the corridor, and into the relatively quiet bathroom.

As Song Qingchun prepared to answer the call, the door to the bathroom was suddenly pushed open.