Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 273

Chapter 273: The Deep Kiss In The Deep Water 4
Chapter 273: The Deep Kiss in the Deep Water (4)
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When she heard the home page click open, she purposely moved her fingers up a bit. As long as she managed to make a call, then she would have a chance to survive this assault on her life.

Song Qingchun's world was still complete darkness. Her heart was a writhing mess as she prayed for the call to be made.

The call finally started. The sound of the dial tone was amplified due to the relative silence of the deck. She must have accidentally pressed the speaker button in her blind hurry.

Her assailant suddenly stopped moving. Even though she could see nothing, Song Qingchun could feel the menace around the man sharpened. The force he elicited as he grabbed the phone from her grasp was so strong that the edges of her skin were raw from pain.

Then, she heard the dial tone end and the sound of something being dropped into the water.

Before Song Qingchun could grasp the reality of her last hope being snuffed out, she was dragged to the edge of the ship. In one fell swoop, the man lifted her over the railing and dropped her into the water without hesitation.

Following the large splash of water that appeared on the surface of the lake, the man didn't stay for long and turned to escape from the scene.

The man's last few actions were done in one smooth motion. It had happened so fast that Song Qingchun didn't even have the time to realize what was happening. As she hit the surface of the water, her brain went dull from the shock of pain and cold. Then, she started to fall, pulled by gravity. When the water pressure squeezed her ears with pain, it finally registered in her mind that she had been pushed overboard. She peeled the black fabric off her face and struggled to swim to the surface.

Song Qingchun's long dress weighed her down and the sub-zero temperature of the lake water made her limbs go numb.

With every ounce of energy in her, she finally managed to poke her head through the surface of the water. The cruise liner was still moving and was already about ten meters away from her. She was right in the middle of the freezing lake, so swimming to land was out of question. She swam as fast as she could toward the cruise, screaming for help as she went.

However, the cruise was incognizant of her plea for help; it just continued on its merry way. None of the people on the ship noticed the girl struggling in the dark waters.

The icy water had almost frozen her limbs, and her speed gradually slowed. The cruise liner went further and further away from her. In the end, she couldn't hold on anymore and started to sink. She tried her best to keep herself afloat, but the lake water kept coming into her mouth, choking her. Then it submerged her nose, her eyes, and finally the top of her head. In the end, only her two waving hands remained above the water.

She could feel the air in her lungs leaving her, her flailing hands gradually weakened, and her consciousness started to falter.

The sound of the party, which she could still hear at the beginning, began to fade away into total silence.