Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 274

Chapter 274: The Deep Kiss In The Deep Water 5
Chapter 274: The Deep Kiss in the Deep Water (5)
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Su Zhinian had half a mind to leave, but he couldn't leave Song Qingchun behind on her own. He couldn't be certain Song Qingchun would come into any danger that night, if anything, she would probably be safe, considering the number of the people at the party. It would definitely draw attention if someone was to make an attempt on her life. However, he wasn't a hundred percent certain, so in the end, he chose to stay.

However, he didn't join the party but stayed in his car.

He could hear many things in his ears, but he didn't focus on any of them as the conversations between Qin Yinan and Song Qingchun repeated themselves in his mind.

Furthermore, didn't you promise you'll always be my Brother Yinan?

Always a beautiful adverb that shredded his heart into pieces. He knew, he was being jealous, jealous that she had made a promise that would last always.

He, too, wished he could always be by her side, but he knew perfectly well that was not meant to be; he would be the first to deny himself that wondrous dream.

However, even though he knew why it was not meant to be, his brain couldn't stop the desire of his heart. In the match between rationality and emotion, the latter won out. He couldn't help himself from being jealous of her relationship with other men and couldn't help himself from feeling happy when she was kind enough to be good to him.

This was like a cruel joke God had played on him. It was a question with no correct answer, and it would only make him sink deeper and deeper into the abyss of despair.

Su Zhinian sat quietly in the car, and bitter anguish crept onto his handsome face. He lost count of time as he stewed in his own misery until his phone started to ring.

"The world was ours; yet with a turn of the shoulders, we have become strangers."

His ringtone was a song sung by a rising male singer. His tone was soft and gentle, and Su Zhinian felt it was another generic love song when he first heard it.

"The person hiding in my memories, I pray for your happiness and safety"

When he heard this sentence, his brows twitched.

"If we met again in the crowd, would you still remember the way my gaze fell on you"

Su Zhinian slowly returned from his reverie. This was a ringtone he had set specifically for Song Qingchun. She's calling me?

Su Zhinian's heart shook and immediately went searching for his phone.

"The person hiding in my memories, thank you for completing my youth, thank you for your once sincerity, thank you for teaching me how to love"

Su Zhinian finally found his phone, which had fallen underneath the seat. The song reached this part and suddenly stopped because the call was cut off.

Su Zhinian unlocked his phone immediately and gave Song Qingchun a call. It was picked up and ended instantly. He tried calling her again, and all he got was, "I'm sorry, but the number you have called is currently unavailable."

Her phone has no more battery? What happened?

Su Zhinian's brows furrowed deeper, and he went searching for Song Qingchun's voice. He failed to pick up on her familiar tone but did manage to hear the sound of something falling into the water. Then, he heard the frantic splashing of water.

Something has fallen into the water?

Su Zhinian turned toward the lake subconsciously.

Through the car window, the surface was dark as a dark mirror. He could see nothing other than the red lanterns on the cruise swaying in the wind.

Just as Su Zhinian was about to turn back to locate Song Qingchun's voice, he heard a sharp scream.