Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 275

Chapter 275: The Deep Kiss In The Deep Water 6
Chapter 275: The Deep Kiss in the Deep Water (6)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

The sound obviously came from the lake Could it be that someone has fallen in?

Before Su Zhinian could confirm the thought, he heard again another call for help. Su Zhinian heard it clearer this time, and his face blanched. He shoved the car door open, jumped out of it, and dashed toward the lake without even locking the door.

"Help Help"

The cries for help kept coming from the direction of the lake. Su Zhinian, who was now out of his car, could hear it more clearly, and his fear was verified; the person who had fallen into the water was really Song Qingchun.

Su Zhinian reached the lakeside and looked around. Then he ran along the bank toward the lights of the cruise ship. When he reached the spot where her voice was the clearest, he removed his shoes and jumped into the water without batting an eye. He swam as fast as he could in the direction of Song Qingchun's voice.

He had the habit of going to the gym and would go swimming at least two days a week. Furthermore, Tang Nuo would take him on a trip to the seaside as a holiday every summer. In other words, he was not an amateur swimmer; however, when he jumped into the icy cold water, his body still entered a shock. Regardless, it didn't affect his speed, especially when he heard the sound of her voice weakening, that only made him swim even faster.

When he was around a hundred meters away from her, he could finally see her head bobbing above the water surface. He sped up as she continued to sink underwater.

He took a deep breath and dived underwater. The murkiness of the lake water influenced the clarity of his sight. He swam around twenty meters down in the direction he believed she was, and he finally saw her limp body floating in the water.

He dashed forward like a dolphin and curled his arm around her waist. With a kick, he pulled both of them to the surface. After taking a deep breath, he started to call her name. She leaned weakly onto his shoulder with her eyes closed, giving no response.

He didn't dare to remain too long in the water. With his arm still around her waist, Su Zhinian dragged her as he swam to the shore.

He pushed her onto dry land before climbing out of the water himself. He was rather drained from the swimming, but he didn't dare to dawdle. He quickly laid her lifeless body on the grassy field by the lake and reached out to press down hard on her stomach. It was not until she started to cough out water that he stopped. Then, he pulled her into a tight embrace. After that, he leaned back and tapped her face lightly, calling, "Tingting."

Her lack of response prompted him to test for her breathing by putting his finger under her nose. He placed her back on the ground and, after a deep breath, lowered his head, stuck his lips onto hers, and blew the breath into her body.

Song Qingchun's heart started to regain its function, and her consciousness slowly returned. When she was just about to break through the realm of unconsciousness, the first thing she felt was something attaching itself to her lips. They were soft yet cold.

Before she could tell what they were, the thing extricated itself from her lips. She frowned slightly before realizing the thing had returned once more.

Compared to before, this time, she felt the added sensation of suppleness that made her heart beat faster.

What is this?

Her lips moved involuntarily, and she couldn't help herself from extending her tongue, trying to lick it.