Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 276

Chapter 276: The Deep Kiss In The Deep Water 7
Chapter 276: The Deep Kiss in the Deep Water (7)
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She felt a tingle travelling from the tip of her tongue, through her body, reaching for her heart. She could feel the soft thing that she had touched with her tongue increase in temperature.

Weird What thing is this that it can rise in temperature as a response?

Song Qingchun licked the thing again to seek for more clues. Eventually, her tongue sought an opening. So, this thing is not a whole thing but parted in the middle

Her tongue stopped moving before poking itself into the opening probingly and cautiously. The temperature inside was even higher, and the first thing her soft tongue came upon was two rows of tough-feeling objects. She used her tongue to glide over them, and it tickled her so much that she couldn't help herself from repeating it several times.

Then, she felt the temperature around the tip of her tongue rise. All of a sudden, a slippery, cartilaginous object struck her tongue, and her whole body shivered as if struck by lightning. In the haze of her half-consciousness, she heard a moan.

Why would this soft thing create a sound?

Song Qingchun was so shocked that her first instinct was to retract her tongue. However, as her tongue retreated an inch, the slippery object from before sought her out and curled itself around her.

A weird, exciting sensation instantly coursed through her body, causing her mind to go completely blank.

She had no idea how long the slippery thing tussled and twined around her tongue before lowering its force. She felt a dull pain at the root of her tongue. She rolled her tongue back from tiredness, but before her lips could close, the fiery thing followed her tongue into her mouth and started another round of entanglement with her.

This round was even more passionate than before. The two soft things she licked earlier grinded themselves on her lips forcefully.

She could hear her own breathing going faster, and her body was becoming like warm putty, as if the energy in her body was being sucked out of her by that soft and fiery thing.

An inexplicable desire that she had not experienced before appeared within her, but she had a hard time answering what exactly she was desiring. In the end, she merely opened her mouth and surrendered herself to the piece of softness' will.

After who knew how long, the slippery thing finally exited her mouth, but the soft thing was still tightly attached to her lips. After half a minute of inactivity, they milled themselves on her lips once more.

However, compared to before, it was less forceful and intense. In fact, it was communicating a feeling of care and cherish. Song Qingchun felt her heart soften and warm.

She reached upwards unconsciously and felt a strong and powerful thing. Her hands groped around for sometimes before Song Qingchun realized it felt like a man's waist.

The slippery thing that had retreated from her mouth suddenly returned to pry open her lips and teeth. A sudden and strong sense of passion and thirst streamed through her whole body, and the wheels in her brain started to turn.