Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 277

Chapter 277: The Deep Kiss In The Deep Water 8
Chapter 277: The Deep Kiss in the Deep Water (8)
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If she was holding someone's waist, then the two pieces of soft meat-like thing and the moist, slippery object also belonged to a man Then, those were

Song Qingchun's heart stopped beating.

So, the thing she had licked out of curiosity with her tongue was a man's lips, the opening she stuck her tongue into was a man's mouth, the two rows of tough-feeling fences were rows of a man's teeth, and the slippery thing was the man's tongue.

Therefore, the series of curious reactions her body was feeling was caused by her passionate kiss with a man!

The man who had dominated her lips had lost himself in the passion of the moment. Now, she could even hear the sound people made during an intimate smooch, an incriminating sound that made the heart tingle and skin blush.

Wait, wasn't I pushed overboard into the lake? So why am I being kissed now? This means I'm not dead and this kisser has saved me? So, it was mouth-to-mouth resuscitation he was doing before

The temperature on Song Qingchun's face rose, but her brain didn't stop thinking about it.

Yes, I did initiate the kiss, but that was because my mind was in a state from being drowned, so how could this man take advantage of my fragility and vulnerability?

At the same time, she could feel an inexplicable sadness and melancholy combined with desire and gentleness in the man's kiss.

This feeling was exceptionally familiar, like she had personally experienced it somewhere before.

Song Qingchun thought about it for a long time but could not come up with an answer. On the other hand, the man's kiss didn't seem to falter in force; if anything, it had gotten more desperate, like he was marking his territory or trying to physically force the emotions and secrets from his body into her heart through the kiss itself.

Just who was kissing her? And how did he manage to pour so many words and emotions into such a passionate kiss?

Song Qingchun's long lashes flickered twice, and her eyelids finally slowly opened.

Su Zhinian immersed himself in the kiss with Song Qingchun. The kiss had gone deeper than he could possibly have imagined, but he felt it was still not enough. He reached out to grab the back of her head, intending to increase the intensity of the kiss.

However, her tongue, which had been quite pliable all along, suddenly froze, and his actions halted. Then, he realized she had awakened and was wondering internally who was kissing her.

Su Zhinian froze and knew the girl was going to open her eyes.

His flustered mind controlled the girl's consciousness right at the moment her eyelids were going to flip open.

He made her close her eyes again as he extricated himself from the girl. He glanced at her lying on the grassy bank one last time before turning to leave without a second thought.

There was a hurriedness in his steps, like he was worried she might suddenly wake up and discover it was him all along.

Song Qingchun opened her eyes to a glorious starlit sky.

Song Qingchun's brows furrowed into a frown as she sat up on the grassy field. There was still some lake water caught in her throat. She coughed violently twice, expelling the remaining water before turning to look around. The grassy field was empty except for her.

This is weird. There was definitely someone lying on top of me, kissing me, so where did that person go?