Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 278

Chapter 278: The Deep Kiss In The Deep Water 9
Chapter 278: The Deep Kiss in the Deep Water (9)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Or was that all a dream?

Song Qingchun subconsciously reached out to touch her own lips. A dull pain struck her when she touched the left side of her bottom lip. She remembered the man biting her on that spot, lost in the passion of the moment.

So the kiss wasn't a dream; it was real!

But how did he disappear the moment she opened her eyes?

Or did she lose consciousness again in the middle of it?

Song Qingchun looked around once more and even opened her mouth to yell, "Is anyone there?

"Are you the one who saved me?"

Song Qingchun finally quieted down after she realized there wasn't going to be a reply.

Her wet clothes stuck to her body, and as the night breeze buffeted the lakeside, she shivered uncontrollably from the cold. However, the cold didn't seem to register in her mind as she stared blankly at the surface of the lake.

So, her intuition was right. It wasn't due to her good fortune that she had survived so many attempts on her life; someone had been secretly protecting her, and that person was most likely the person who had kissed her that night.

If not for him, she would have died so many times already!

So now she knew there was a guardian angel looking over her and protecting her silently without her knowing.

Even though she had not seen him or heard him and had just survived a trip to the gates of hell, she didn't feel afraid or nervous; there weren't even tears in her eyes. If anything, there was an inexplicable stability and serenity residing in her heart.

She was alone, and the sound of merriment drifted into her ears from the cruise that was not far away, but she didn't feel lonely.

Her finger traced the outline of her lips, and they involuntarily curved into a smile.

The cruise slowly returned to the shore. Song Qingchun, who was lost in her thoughts, did not realize this.

After the cruise settled, Qin Yinan was the first to dash out from it. He ran toward Song Qingchun with impossible speed and knelt down beside her. He demanded anxiously, "Song Song?"

Before Song Qingchun could recover and greet Qin Yinan, Qin Yinan pulled her into his arms and carried her quickly back onto the ship.

"What happened? Did she fall overboard?"

"Miss Song, are you alright?"

Qin Yinan ignored the questions from the crowd and dashed toward the ship's second floor. As he carried Song Qingchun in her arms, he issued instructions to a few of his close friends.

"Zhang Zi, call a doctor to come. Song Song looks fine on the surface, but I'm still worried.

"Lin Ge, do you mind calling the kitchen to boil some ginger tea for Song Song? It'll help force out the cold.

"Also, Sun Ru, Song Song needs a change of clothes. Can you go to a nearby mall and buy a new set of clothes for her? She wears S."

As Qin Yinan rattled off his orders, he barged into one of the guest rooms on the second floor open and glanced into the bathroom. Then he told the Student Council President, "Prez, can you help me fill the bath with some hot water? Song Song must be frozen from the fall into the lake; a warm bath will help."

After giving all the orders, Qin Yinan wrapped her whole body with the provided blankets and comforters, ignoring the fact that her clothes would wet them all. Then he stood up to grab the air-conditioner remote to increase the temperature in the room.