Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Her Love Has Returned 8
Chapter 28: Her Love Has Returned (8)
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"I don't want shares from Song Empire, nor the pay, nor the yearly bonus" Su Zhinian purposely paused when he reached this part. Song Qingchun's heart started to race. The more he said he did not want certain things the more anxious she became

Su Zhinian fanned himself with the blank document and continued in a tone that was so monotonous that it sounded like it came from a machine. "This blank document included, I can leave it blank"

Song Qingchun subconsciously pulled her shirt down and stared at Su Zhinian silently, waiting for him to finish. She knew what was coming next would be the main point.

The time seemed to freeze in that one second.

Su Zhinian seemed to be deep in thought and did not say a word for a long time. This stillness weighed heavily down on Song Qingchun's heart that she felt that she had trouble breathing. She swallowed heavily and could not help but ask, "What do you want then?"

Almost at the second Song Qingchun finished her question, Su Zhinian's flat voice rang out. "I want you."

Song Qingchun was stunned, she had a hard time believing what she just heard.

"I want you," Su Zhinian repeated himself, and this time he did not pause but continued to finish the rest of his thoughts while maintaining the void of emotions. "One hundred days, I want all the nights from your one hundred days. If you agree to this term, then I will return to you in one hundred days a fully recovered Song Empire!"

One hundred days All the nights from her one hundred days He was asking her to use her body to trade for Song Empire's revival?

Song Qingchun gritted her teeth tightly.

"Starting from next month, Auntie Sun will be returning to her old home. So, I need you to move in with me, because you will be responsible for my living arrangement," Su Zhinian continued in a tone that sounded like he was in a business meeting, which in a way, he was. "From 7 pm to 7 am, in these twelve hours, your time belongs to me, so you have to make sure that you can be contacted at any time and show yourself when needed."

Su Zhinian stood up with the contract and when he passed Song Qingchun, it was as if he suddenly remembered something because he lowered his lips to Song Qingchun's ear and whispered, "By the way, don't think too highly of yourself. You know I don't like people who stick their fingers into my business. You just so happen to be a convenient replacement."

Then he straightened himself and added, "Think about it. If you agree to the terms, come find me in the upstairs study to take this contract."

Su Zhinian then waved the blank document at Song Qingchun's face before turning to walk upstairs.

The fact that Song Qingchun had a crush on someone aside, no normal woman would use her body in a trade. Even though her crush had no idea she was in love with him, deep down within her heart, she was adamantly against this contract.

But her father was old and sick. His heart was always worried about the company; if Song Empire collapsed just like that, they would also land themselves in a world of debts Furthermore her sister-in-law had just lost her husband, could she really put her through more trouble?

Song Qingchun stood quietly in the living room for a long time until she went weak at the knees. Then, she blinked slowly like she had come to a decision