Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 281

Chapter 281: A Fool For Life 2
Chapter 281: A Fool for Life (2)
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Another incident where he had successfully protected her life and it was now time again for him to disappear silently.

He loved her deeply, but she could never discover his love. He had been protecting her, but he could never be by her side because he was afraid, afraid that once he was allowed to be openly good to her, the flood of emotions that he had kept in place for years would break the dam and submerge his life.

No one knew how deep and crazy his desire for her, which continued to ravage his mind every single minute, was.

It was his fortune to have met her, and it was his trial to have fallen in love with her.

He had thought she would be the single greatest source of comfort and warmth in his life, but when he found out about that secret, he knew this warmth would always be beyond his reach.

He was a fool to have loved the wrong person, but he was a willing fool.

He knew how wrong he was, and yet he couldn't stop himself from making the same mistake over and over again.

The dim rays of light from the streetlight not far away fell on his face, shrouding his features with a fuzzy mist. His fingers travelled repeatedly over the spot she had been lying on earlier, grazing the tips of the grass slowly and purposely as if he was trying to draw a magic seal to imprint the passionate and fiery kiss that they had shared into the deepest part of his heart.

There were simply too few good memories that they had shared together, but he would always repeat them in his mind, writing them into his bones so that he would never forget them as long as he had a breath in him.

This was because he knew, one day, he would have to leave her, and after that, his world would wither and die. He needed these few shared memories with her to enable himself to survive a barren world without her.

The breeze from the lake made Su Zhinian shiver. His fingers traced the grassy spot twice before he stood up slowly. He turned to look down at the surface of the lake. Various colored lights were reflected on the lake's surface, turning it into a captivating panorama.

When he prepared to leave, his gaze caught something floating on the surface of the lake out of the corner of his eyes. He turned subconsciously toward it, and using the lights from afar, he managed to discern it was a present box. The rectangular box hadn't been unwrapped, and the shape had become rather deformed after being soaked in the water.

Is that Song Qingchun's?

Su Zhinian was reminded of the conversation between Song Qingchun and Qin Yinan that he heard when he first arrived at North Sea Garden.

Since it's a present from Qin Yinan, it must be very important to her, right? She will be heartbroken when she discovers she has lost it.

After a short contemplation, Su Zhinian dived back into the water to retrieve the box. It was not until he reached land again that he lowered his head to study it.

The present was delicately wrapped, but the packaging was rather ruined from the long time it spent in the water.

Su Zhinian glanced twice at the box before heading toward his car.

Qin Yinan waited until the doctor confirmed there was nothing wrong with Song Qingchun before taking her to the police station.

While they were at the police station, Qin Yinan's phone rang multiple times. One time, Song Qingchun subconsciously glanced at his ringing phone and saw that it was Tang Nuan. Qin Yinan still didn't answer but merely tapped several times on his phone, probably to reply with a message, before putting the phone on silent and sliding it back into his pocket.