Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 283

Chapter 283: A Fool For Life 4
Chapter 283: A Fool for Life (4)
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It was not that she had not experienced this sensation before. During the time she was still crazily obsessed with Qin Yinan, her heart would race in this manner whenever he touched her head.

However, there was a difference between the excitement she had felt then and the excitement she felt now. This was a feeling she had not experienced in her life before.

It was a sensation that made her whole body feel like warm butter, soft and wobbly. In fact, when she thought about the man's tongue intertwined with hers, her whole body shook violently and involuntarily. She reached for her comforter and scurried under it in a hurry.

It was a curious feeling. Covered in the dark, Song Qingchun could hear her heart beating in her ears. She really wanted to know the identity of the man who had made her feel this way.

Song Qingchun hid under her comforter with her thoughts for quite some time, and she only poked her head out of it when her phone, which she had left on the bedside table, rang. She had just slotted in the SIM card from the ruined phone, which was surprisingly still usable.

Who is it? It's already so late.

Song Qingchun reached for the phone and realized it was a message. She clicked it open and was shocked to discover it had come from that one number that would occasionally send her messages. This latest message was as succinct as the ones preceding it. "Happy New Year."

Song Qingchun had scrolled through everyone she knew in her mind earlier, and none of them seemed like her mysterious savior. However, when she saw that message, it clicked instantly in her mind.

The last time this number had contacted her was two months ago. If not for the sudden incoming message, she really wouldn't have thought to connect the dots.

Whenever this number messaged her, it was to lend her aid, give her support, or congratulate her. Even though they were always a few short words, the messages managed to bring her warmth and support when she needed them the most.

The feeling she got from these messages were similar to the feeling her mysterious guardian elicited in her; therefore, the person sending her these messages had to be her mysterious guardian!

Furthermore, the fact that the messages would always come at the time she needed them the most meant that the owner of these messages had been following her movements.

This person, who was always able to save her in the nick of time, had to be a person within her close circle of friends, or someone who interacted closely with her on a daily basis.

The more Song Qingchun thought it, the more certain she became. She deleted the "Happy New Year" reply she had typed and changed it to "Were you the person who came to North Sea Garden to save me tonight?" Then, she hit send.

Just like her messages from before, there was no reply. However, this time, Song Qingchun did not give up after sending one or two messages.

"Who are you?"

"I want to see you in person, is that possible?"

"Why have you been protecting me and helping me?"

"So, the person who has been watching over me for the past few days has to be you!"

In the end, Song Qingchun's messages changed from a question into an affirmative statement.

However, it was as if she was talking to a wall; the communication was one-sided. She tried calling the number, and it was unreachable as usual.

"Why won't you let me know your identity? And still insist to be so good to me?"

Song Qingchun knew there wouldn't be an answer, but that didn't stop her from asking that very question. Then, she went totally silent, as if praying or waiting for an answer.

She stared at the eleven digits that appeared on her phone screen until they were memorized in her heart. Then, her fingers started moving, punching the virtual keyboard keys.