Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 284

Chapter 284: A Fool For Life 5
Chapter 284: A Fool for Life (5)
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"I really wish to meet you, hopefully you'll make my wish come true."

That was supposed to be the last message sent by Song Qingchun. However, the lack of a reply made Song Qingchun consider things from his perspective, and she came up with possibilities as to why he wouldn't meet her. Did he suffer from low self-esteem? Was he ugly? Too poor? Did he have a disability?

Song Qingchun thought about it, biting her fingers. She realized that might be the case, so she added, "Don't worry, I believe beauty is skin deep; I will not look down on anyone based on their looks or wealth. Furthermore, you have been nothing but nice to me; I just want to thank you in person."

Song Qingchun yawned after sending that long message. She placed her phone down and closed her eyes as she prepared to sleep. However, her eyes suddenly burst open as if she was reminded of something. She grabbed her phone and typed, "Happy New Year," and hit send.

Su Zhinian leaned gracefully against the dining table, studying the messages sent by Song Qingchun one by one carefully while holding a cup of warm tea in his hand.

To be truthful, he had only sent that "Happy New Year" because he wanted to find out whether she had caught a cold from her 'accident'. The fact that she had managed to reply so quickly told him she was doing perfectly fine.

However, he was shocked that she had managed to work out that the person who messaged her and the person who had saved her were the same person.

When Su Zhinian saw the last message sent by Song Qingchun, his lips curved into an smile.

Beauty is skin deep? What curious idea she has gotten in her mind this time? She thinks I'm ugly or dirt poor?

Su Zhinian raised her head to look at his luxuriously decorated bungalow before his gaze fell on a china vase that stood in the corner of the room. He had won it at a Hong Kong bidding war with a nine-digit price.

And his looksSu Zhinian glanced at himself in the mirrorhe had no comment.

Su Zhinian finished his tea and sniffed through his slightly congested nostrils. He went upstairs and was about to turn off the lights in his bedroom when his phone rang.

It was another one of her messages, replying the message he had sent her that night. "Happy New Year."

At that moment, warmth suffused his heart.

Happy New Year, Tingting

The series of attempts on her life had made Song Qingchun realize none of them were accidents; they had all been manmade.

This caused her to squirrel up at home throughout the whole holiday season. She rejected all of the invitations from her friends and stayed home to accompany her father. They would play chess, chat, sleep, or she would catch up on her Korean drama.

However, she would occasionally whip out her phone to reread those messages between her and her mysterious caller. Perhaps she had done this so many times that Song Menghwa even asked if she was in a relationship.

She shook her head and denied it adamantly, but for some reason, her face was feverish, and her heart raced.

Qin Yinan visited the Song family on the second day of Lunar New Year. He had two purposes in visiting that day; one was to pay Song Menghwa a visit on Chinese New Year, and the other was to check up on Song Qingchun.

Song Qingchun was rather bored cooped up in her home for the holidays. Finally, it was the fourth day of Lunar New Year; she was supposed to return to Su Zhinian's bungalow that day. She was glad that she finally had a reason to leave home, but she was worried.

Would any 'accidents' happen to her on the way to Su Zhinian's place?