Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 289

Chapter 289: A Fool For Life 10
Chapter 289: A Fool for Life (10)
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Su Zhinian moved his gaze away from her and onto the road. He answered her questions patiently, one by one. "I've been to the clinic, was on a drip for three days, and just had my medicine this morning."

After a pause, Su Zhinian added, "I'm feeling much better already."

"Good," Song Qingchun said as she shifted into a more comfortable position. "There aren't many cooking ingredients left at home, right? Do you mind taking a detour to the supermarket?"

"Sure." Su Zhinian had no issue with that.

After a short silence, Song Qingchun added, "We will have something light since you're sick. Is that okay with you?"

Su Zhinian replied affirmatively again.

Song Qingchun then turned her head to look out the window, thinking about the menu that night.

The car stopped in front of a red light. Su Zhinian turned to study Song Qingchun through the rear-view mirror.

Since when did she start to plan our menu and not cook anything I ask for? Furthermore, the menu is planned with my health in mind.

Su Zhinian retracted his gaze as the lights turned green. The car continued moving forward, and his gaze that looked at the road was rippling with rose-colored affection.

The first step was often the hardest to take.

Ever since Song Qingchun had started the precedent of asking favor of Su Zhinian, naturally, it didn't stop with just one.

After Song Qingchun arrived at Su Zhinian's bungalow on the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, she didn't leave the house. It was the same for Su Zhinian as well. He stayed in, probably to help with his recovery.

The seventh day of Lunar New Year was when most people started work again. After the lesson on New Year's Eve, Song Qingchun didn't dare take the taxi or subway alone again. Therefore, she came to Su Zhinian for another favor on the night of the sixth day of the Lunar New Year.

Similar to last time, Su Zhinian didn't hesitate for one second when Song Qingchun came to him for help. However, this time, Song Qingchun did explain that some hidden forces were aiming for her life.

Even though Su Zhinian knew all of this already, he still dropped all of his work to listen intently to her story. He was not even this focused during his business meetings.

On the morning of the eighth day of the Lunar New Year, Su Zhinian didn't have his driver to fetch him. Instead, he personally drove to Song Qingchun's house to act as her driver.

When they almost reached TW Station, the girl became visibly concerned like there was something big bothering her.

Su Zhinian made use of the red light to brush his hand on Song Qingchun's arm to read her thoughts. He now knew she was worried about asking him for a third favor, which was to have him come fetch her after work. She was too ashamed to voice that request, and her brain wandered to some other possible alternatives like hiring a strong man to be her 24-hour bodyguard

Man bodyguard When Su Zhinian heard these two words, his eyes twitched even though most of his face was unmoved.

The car crawled to a stop before TW Station. Song Qingchun gathered her bag slowly, and before she got out of his car, she nearly voiced her request many times, but they all changed into something else as they escaped her lips. "Erm, thank you for your help Drive safely Goodbye I'll see you at home."

Eventually, Song Qingchun ran out of stuff to delay the inevitable. She climbed out of his car, and before closing the door, she looked at Su Zhinian with obvious pleading in her eyes, but she still hadn't found a way to ask him for the third favor. Finally, she waved at him weakly. "Goodbye."