Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Her Love Has Returned 9
Chapter 29: Her Love Has Returned (9)
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Song Qingchun's eyes blinked with determination as she turned around to step toward the stairs. It took her five minutes to go up ten steps.

When she reached the second floor, the sunlight happened to stream through the open window, covering the corridor in its golden rays. Song Qingchun stared at the study room door twenty meters away from her for about half a minute before moving toward it.

The door was closed, and she could hear nothing from within, in fact the 300 square meter bungalow was so eerily quiet that Song Qingchun could hear her own heart beating. This door represented a choice.

Song Qingchun gripped her fists tightly as if struggling one last time. However, this time, as if fearful that she might regret the decision at any moment; she quickly lifted her hand to knock on the door.

About five seconds later, the flat tone that was unique to Su Zhinian called out from behind the door. "Come in."

Song Qingchun pushed open the door as quietly as she could. She glanced around and noticed Su Zhinian sitting at his desk, working on his computer. His face was focused as the sound of fingers tapping on keyboard filled the room.

Song Qingchun approached him while holding her breath. Su Zhinian did not take his eyes off the screen to address Song Qingchun as if his focus was completely occupied by the computer.

Song Qingchun waited for a while before saying, "CEO Su."

Su Zhinian still did not look away from the monitor. He muttered an incoherent "mm" as his fingers continued to fly over the keyboard. Song Qingchun did not dare make another peep lest she disturbed him.

The study was silent except for the sound of the keyboard.

Song Qingchun got rather bored of waiting, so she could not help but raise her eyes to surreptitiously study Su Zhinian. He was wearing a simple, white shirt that was curled at his sleeves to expose his muscular and fair arms, and his fingers that typed on the keyboard were tapered and manicured.

The sun from outside the window fell lazily on him, creating a halo of light around his white shirt, the rays deepening his bone structure and features.

Song Qingchun tried very hard to find flaws on his physical appearance, but all of her nitpicking eventually became praises. She was a reporter and thus had approached many beautiful stars in her line of work, but she had not found another person from presence to physical features that was more perfect than him.

She had to admit that he was so perfect that it seemed utterly unreal.

For some reason, a netizen's comment on one of Su Zhinian's many pictures cropped up in her mind Whenever he is around, the background becomes as beautiful as a painting.

When she first read that comment, she scoffed, berating that netizen for exaggerating; it was the picturesque background that enhanced his beauty, not the other way around. But now, she realized that was not an exaggeration but an honest opinion.

This man had a natural ability to him that was able to outshine everything else in the same frame as him. He looked like someone who had walked out of a painting, so it was because of him that the background looked painted and not as she had originally thought.

As Song Qingchun flexed her knees due to standing on her feet for too long, Su Zhinian finally averted his gaze away from the computer screen. He inclined back on his chair as his gaze landed on Song Qingchun, and he said in a level tone, "Have you made up your mind?"