Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 290

Chapter 290: Was That You? 1
Chapter 290: Was That You? (1)
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Thus far, she had said goodbye eight times, and she had managed the impossible of still not asking her favor after such a long prelude.

Su Zhinian's heart twisted from listening to her weak attempts at asking him for help. He spotted the girl's drawn face as she prepared to close the door, and he called out, "Qingchun."

"Hmm?" Song Qingchun pulled the car door wider open and poked her head in.

Su Zhinian said in a tone that was as emotionless as his face, "I have a meeting with a client at the clubhouse just in front this afternoon; if you want, I can drive you home after work."

Song Qingchun nodded happily at him like she had just won the lottery. Her dark eyes glowed brilliantly like a universe full of stars. "Okay. Thank you."

Su Zhinian was dazed by her pretty eyes that fell on him. He averted his gaze and nodded imperceptibly. Then, he heard her say the ninth goodbye before he drove away. Due to his offer that day, Su Zhinian managed to earn himself a new nickname, Driver Su.

For the sake of her personal safety, Song Qingchun wished that Su Zhinian could drive her to and from work every day.

Worried about Song Qingchun's personal safety, Su Zhinian wished that he could be by her side 24 hours every day.

Thus, Su Zhinian officially became the driver who sent Song Qingchun to and from work every day.

The only reason Su Zhinian signed that contract with Song Qingchun was because he wished to create more shared memories between them; he didn't dare ask for anything more.

The fact that their relationship had improved to the point where he would drive her to and from work had already gone beyond his expectations. He believed this was supposed to be the absolute limit of their relationship. However, in less than a week, that limit was broken through.

That day was 23rd February, sixteen days to the end of his contract with Song Qingchun.

Song Qingchun, by then, had stopped counting down to the days until she would be able to escape from his lair every night.

That morning, Su Zhinian sent Song Qingchun to TW Station like usual. After he witnessed her enter the company lobby safely, he drove to the nearby clubhouse where his secretary, Cheng Qingchong, was already waiting with the documents in the private room he had been using for the past few months.

The moment Song Qingchun reached her office, she was called to meet with the Station Manager. When the meeting ended, it was already 11 am. Her assistant accosted her and told her rather excitedly that there was a new lead for the news they had been following for months. When they passed the breakroom, Song Qingchun glanced into it and saw Tang Nuan and Qin Yinan, who were sitting inside.

She smiled at Qin Yinan as her assistant updated her on the details, and when her assistant paused for a moment, she greeted him with a "Brother Yinan" before walking to her office.

When she reached her office door, a colleague called over to her, "Song Qingchun, there's a delivery for you, please come sign for it."

Song Qingchun told her assistant to wait for her and walked toward the deliveryman, who was waiting by the elevator door.