Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 291

Chapter 291: Was That You? 2
Chapter 291: Was That You? (2)
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To her memory, she had not done any online shopping, so there shouldn't have been any deliveries for her unless it was this something she had bid on before Chinese New Year?

Song Qingchun rushed toward the deliveryman in her heels with confusion festering in her mind.

When Song Qingchun got close, the deliveryman bent over and picked out a green box from his package. He glanced at the order form that was pasted on the box and asked, "Are you Miss Song Qingchun?"

"Yes." Song Qingchun stopped at around half a meter away from the young man.

"Miss Song, please sign here." The deliveryman passed Song Qingchun both the box and a pen.

Song Qingchun accepted the box with both hands and looked at the form. It was indeed her name on it. She assumed it was some kind of snacks that she had forgotten ordering and signed the order without a second thought.

The rest of the office was too busy to give their little transaction any thought.

The young man scanned the room surreptitiously and reached into his jacket pocket when he was certain no one was watching him and Song Qingchun. He pulled out the object and hid it from view inside his sleeve.

After she finished writing his signature, Song Qingchun passed the pen and order form back to the young man. Just as she was going to say "Thank you", the deliveryman's right hand suddenly struck at her throat.

Song Qingchun could see the glint of a cold steel in the young man's hand clearly. It was a sharp flick knife.

Song Qingchun screamed instinctively in the face of this sudden threat. Her brain then went blank like she had suddenly lost control of her body. When she next came to, she realized with a start she had retreated about two meters away from the deliveryman.

Her scream had attracted the attention of the whole office, and they all glanced toward the elevator entrance.

Frustrated by his missed strike, the deliveryman charged at Song Qingchun like a crazed man. He aimed at Song Qingchun's heart recklessly because he knew this was probably going to be his last chance.

The screams in the office rose endlessly.

After the night at the New Year's Eve party, Tang Nuan had avoided Qin Yinan for more than a week. She had refused to take his calls or see him in person.

Even though Qin Yinan had accosted her at work, she had acted like he was not there no matter how desperately he pleaded for her forgiveness.

It was not until the day before that things had changed. She was going to go shop with her friends that day, and when she left her house, Qin Yinan was already there waiting at her door. She still did not address him and continued on her own to the mall.

She knew Qin Yinan had been trailing her from home. In fact, they 'just so happened' to have lunch at the same restaurant. He even had the waiter send over her favorite sweet and sour fish. However, she didn't even touch the dish. At the mall, she saw a Louis Vuitton purse that she liked. It was a limited-edition purse with a gorgeous design. Naturally, the price was quite 'gorgeous' as well. She liked it a lot, but it was a bit out of her price range, so she left the shop empty-handed with a sad pout on her face. Then, she went to rest at the upstairs tea house with her friends.