Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 292

Chapter 292: Was That You? 3
Chapter 292: Was That You? (3)
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She excused herself to use the bathroom, and when she came out, Qin Yinan was leaning against the wall outside of the bathroom, carrying a big bag in his grasp.

When he saw her, he straightened up and called her name. "Tang Nuan."

Like before, she ignored him and walked away.

He reached out to grab her arm. Her brows furrowed into a frown, and her first instinct was to scream for help. However, before she could do anything, he pushed the bag in his hands into her grasp. "This is for you."

It was then that she realized the plastic bag was from LV.

The thing inside was hidden behind layers of protective fabrics. She had no idea what it was, and he didn't tell her. He merely stared at her for a while and added, "Have fun at the mall."

Then, he realized his grasp on her arm and left.

She waited until he was quite a distance away before lowering her head to pull the stuff out of the LV plastic bag. She pulled open the coverings and realized it was the LV purse she had been checking inside the store.

Qin Yinan does care about me a little bit more Her lips curved into a smile as she held the purse in her hands, and her ruined mood that had clogged her chest for days finally cleared.

She ran to catch up to him in her heels. She didn't say anything but placed her hand around his arm. He understood what she didn't say and reached out to put his hand on her waist.

The first cold war they had ever had since they were a couple ended just like that.

It was the Lantern Festival 1 , and it was a day off for Qin Yinan. He found out that Tang Nuan hadn't had breakfast through their phone conversation, so he came to her office to bring some food for her to eat.

Tang Nuan had finished her work for the day, so she joined him in the breakroom to enjoy the meal that he had brought.

When Song Qingchun exited the Station Manager's room, she shared a light greeting with Qin Yinan. It didn't go beyond a casual meeting between acquaintances, and Tang Nuan felt at ease noticing that.

However, her ease didn't last for long. Five minutes later, a scream split the peacefulness of the office.

At the time, Qin Yinan was using a napkin to wipe her fingers. Before she could identify the source of the scream, Qin Yinan's expression changed, and he growled in low voice, "Song Song."

Then, he dropped the napkin he was holding and stood up to dash out of the breakroom.

She didn't hesitate to stay. The moment Qin Yinan stood up, she made to follow and reached the door to the breakroom at the same time as him.

Song Qingchun, by the elevator, was in a state of shock. The deliveryman was grimacing with fury and resentment, while the rest of the office was in panic and disbelief.

Before Qin Yinan and Tang Nuan, who had just gotten out of the breakroom, could understand what was happening, the deliveryman suddenly raised his hand, a knife glinting in it and aimed it as Song Qingchun's heart.

"Song Song!" Qin Yinan yelled out Song Qingchun's name the moment the deliveryman made his move. His scream was sharp and shrill; his face was drained of blood.

He leaped toward Song Qingchun without a second thought, and from the way he was going at it, it was obvious that he was going to take this stab in Song Qingchun's stead.

This reminded Tang Nuan of the little bet she'd made with Song Qingchun at the restaurant. She had been so sure that Qin Yinan would save her, but he had ended up saving Song Qingchun.

Then, at North Sea Garden, they were in the middle of a passionate kiss when he received a phone call informing him that Song Qingchun had fallen overboard.