Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 293

Chapter 293: Was That You? 4
Chapter 293: Was That You? (4)
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He had shoved her away without hesitation and run in a hurry toward the captain's room. That night, he'd only had Song Qingchun in his eyes. Even later when she faked the stomach ache, the man who usually thought the world of her merely asked his friend sent her to the hospital. Later, when she called him, he didn't answer any of the calls and said he'd call her later before turning his phone off.

She had been using the fact that Qin Yinan valued her more than Song Qingchun to mock the latter, but in the end, when the situation really called for it, his concern for Song Qingchun went way beyond his concern for her, Tang Nuan.

And it was going to happen again. He was going to sacrifice his life once more to save Song Qingchun

Tang Nuan had allowed it to happen once, but she definitely would not allow it to happen again!

With a cold sheen in her eyes, Tang Nuan screamed shrilly Qin Yinan's name and collapsed in a fluster into his arms, stopping him from reaching Song Qingchun.

She buried her face into his chest and gripped his shirt tightly. Her whole body shook violently, and she pretended like she was spooked by the deliveryman's action, her eyes and lips quivering with fear.

Qin Yinan's mobility was limited by Tang Nuan's interference, and he could only look on as the deliveryman's knife flew toward Song Qingchun's chest.

"Song Song!" His voice had lost its usual mildness, and there was a desperate desolation in it. He shoved Tang Nuan away unhesitatingly and, once more with a voice that had gotten course, yelled, "Song Song."

He then picked up his pace as he dashed toward Song Qingchun.

Perhaps it was because of nerves, the deliveryman slipped and fell to the floor. The knife in his grasp flew out of his grip. The deliveryman stayed on the floor for about ten seconds, probably dazed from his sudden collapse, before getting back on all fours to crawl speedily toward the knife. He only managed to take several steps before a man flew out of the elevator and dived down on the deliveryman. The mysterious man was so fast that no one saw who it was. He grabbed the deliveryman's sleeves and rained punches on his face.

The deliveryman wailed from pain, and his scream pulled everyone in the office out of their shock. Then, someone quickly ran over to pick up the flick knife the deliveryman had dropped while others called the cops. Someone even managed to procure a nylon rope to apprehend the deliveryman.

Even though Song Qingchun had survived many near-death 'accidents' recently, this was the first time someone had come so close, physically, to claiming her life. Plus, this was not something a person could get used to through experience. She felt her legs giving underneath her, and she crumbled to the floor.

The shot from her bottom as she landed on the floor did wake her up a tiny bit. She raised her hand to touch her left chest, which had been so close to being stabbed by a knife, and she realized the heart beneath her skin was racing at an indescribable speed.

"Song Song, are you alright?" Qin Yinan rushed to Song Qingchun with a face full of worry. He was about to squat down to examine any possible wounds on her body when someone else bent over to pull Song Qingchun off the floor.